Avoid the following blunders when preparing for sensual and erotic massage


It is not every time that we apply to get erotic and tantric massage sessions but when we do, it fills us with excitement for the new experience. There are a lot of facilities where you can book your massage sessions in advance to be prepared before the D day. While it presents you with the chance to explore some if not most of your fantasies, there are also a number of mistakes that you can make which jeopardize the success of the process. In this guide, these blunders are combined by tantra massage London to enlighten you on how you can best be prepared for the services you paid for.

Aside from your behavior in the massage room, the quality of the experience is determined by the massage parlor you choose to get your tantric massage from. Ascertain the kind of reputation first via their online testimonials before you go ahead to book a session for yourself. The quality of staff, ambience of the place and equipment used all play a huge role in helping you make your decision. As you continue to search for the most ideal massage parlor, find out here the blunders you must avoid making at all costs.

Body hair hygiene

Poor hygiene is a major stumbling block for a quality massage session. You should observe basic hygiene to make it comfortable for both you and your masseuse to have a great time during the massage session. You might want to trim your body hair especially pubic and chest hair to allow for the masseuse to service you smoothly without any distractions. The best way to handle body hair situation is schedule for a waxing process before you go for your massage therapy sessions.

Have a bath in advance

The human body tends to sweat more especially the older one becomes. It is for this reason that people shower to avoid the body odor that comes with not showering and too much sweat. You must make some time to shower and attend to your personal hygiene to allow the intimate space created in the massage room to feel right. Poor body hygiene is a major distraction for most massage therapists and that is even the reason most massage parlors have bathrooms for clients who barely have time to hit the bathroom before their sessions.

Avoid smoking prior to the session

No one is trying to interfere or come between your smoking habits but you must understand that the body reacts differently during a massage if you just smoked before entering the sessions. The tobacco ingested has harmful toxins which manifest via your skin the minute your massage session begins. The adverse effect is that this result into a body odor that might be a major turnoff to the masseuse you want to give you a good time. The same is the case for alcohol consumption as overdrinking might just affect your behavior and that gets you to rub shoulders with the security of the premises.

Tip your masseuse

Just like most services in the hospitality industry, you should not leave your masseuse empty handed. The services offered are intricate and sensual so why not let your service provider know that you appreciate the services they offered you by offering a tip. A 15% cash tip is okay for most masseuses and appreciating them will just help you get even more sensual services as your fantasies direct you.

Proper communication is ideal

It should be in your best interest to connect with the masseuse you choose for the session. There are different kinds of masseuse you will find but to be satisfied with the services offered, you should choose the one that appeals to your interests. Connecting with them does not mean touching them inappropriately but rather striking conversations with them to let them know how you feel and where you want to be massaged. It is only through the same that you will achieve total satisfaction and rejuvenation of your body from a long week of working hard at your desk. You also need to avoid being kinky or dirty with the terminologies you use when talking to the expert masseuse. Be cautious of the names you refer to the masseuse with as rubbing shoulders or angering them might result into poor quality services offered.

Avoid touching masseuse if not allowed to

Believe it or not securities for massage parlors are very strict and ruthless with clients that are out of line. Unless specified otherwise, clients are not supposed to touch the masseuse massaging them. The heat and seduction can be at roof level however f the masseuse is not okay or has not yet permitted you to touch them it is best that you keep your hands to yourself during the session. Erotic massage is all about letting the masseuse use their magic hands to unlock your sexual arousal and confidence but only in very specific cases are the clients allowed to mingle with the masseuse in other erotic gestures.

Make an appointment first

There are many people who want full body and even tantric massage session but barely have time to log online or walk into a massage parlor to book their sessions. This is not to say that walk-in clients will not be served however due to scheduling there are days when you may have to wait longer than necessary, this could be because all masseuses are busy or worse yet no massage rooms are free. It is therefore a wise idea to book your session at least a day or two before the actual session. This also gives you the chance to decide the right masseuse you want for your session for instance a blonde, a petite or thick lady to oversee the procedure according to your fantasies. You should also not that choosing the right kind of massage parlor is what you should do especially if you need erotic massage services instead of expecting such from any kind of massage services you find.

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