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If you’re planning to purchase accessories, colored bathing rugs, or similar items, you must ensure that the textures and colors fit in with the decor. Otherwise, the clash of textures and colors in your bathroom could be unattractive.

Find the ideal combination of colors and textures for your bath. A Kohler bathroom accessories for renovation is a significant project for the new homeowner. Before you decide to make your bathroom your own, it is essential to concentrate on the impact of the elements when they are combined.

Color Your Bathroom by Kohler Africa Accessories

Every color is a statement highlighting its distinct qualities to bring out the best in your bathroom. Joy, happiness, and peace are just a few of the positive effects that hues can have on us.
In essence, the color you select should affect the visual appeal of your space as well as your mood. If you need you can choose more colors for bathroom taps in South Africa on Kohler’s site.

Bathroom Color Scheme – Factors to Consider

The bathroom’s size is vital in choosing the best shades. 

For instance, light colors create a larger area for bathrooms with small spaces. While minimalist master bathrooms would be better using dark shades. 

Also, having different colors within the same room should be thought to prevent your bathroom from becoming an emotional mess that causes the bathroom to look smaller.

Understanding Tones

Every color can affect our emotions. Naturally, humans tend to be more attracted to certain shades than others. We’ve gathered some of the most popular colors for you to know their effect on the overall mood in your bathroom.

Red, Orange, and Yellow:

  • Are warm tones that reflect light
  • Look like they are moving toward the view
  • Walls appear more prominent and closer

Even though pastels such as coral, pink, and peach are different from these vibrant hues, they have a similar impact on our emotions.

Blue, Green, and Violet

  • Absorb light
  • Get away from the eyes
  • The walls appear to be smaller and further

These colors are ideal for bathrooms with minimalist decors that contain only a few furniture pieces. Due to their impact, your bathroom will appear more striking and not as empty.

The lesson: Right colors achieve the desired result. For example, when remodeling your bathroom for guests, go for hues that reflect light to make the space appear more prominent.

Picking a Color Scheme

  • Monochromatic

The monochromatic color scheme makes to creates a retro-style style with similar shades dominating the entire space.

Select rich materials and neutral colors to go with the classic style; however, don’t forget to mix the shades. To create an authentic Victorian style, using shades of wine and rose in a monochromatic color scheme will give you the desired result.

  • Analogous

This is often employed in baths in the water for tranquility in blue-violet, blue, and blue-green shades.

This scheme uses the colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel, and it is combined with different shades of the same colors.

  • Complementary

The juxtaposition of opposing hues with different shades can be either a success or miss, based on your chosen colors.

For example, the combination of vivid red and green is a sour taste to the eyes. We prefer an energizing green and light pink. Similar to opposite colors of orange and blue are not a good idea. A better choice is purple and royal blue.

This trial and error method applies to every color combination until you have the right color combination.

  • Triad

This is a way to employ 3 distinct hues that are identical within the palette of colors.

For example, blue, red, and yellow are great for lighting up children’s rooms. However, the less pronounced version of these colors, such as wine navy light ivory, creates an old-fashioned look to an interior designed for federal use.

Understanding Texture in the Bathroom

  • The entire bathroom is made up of a variety of textures.
  • Imagine you have a bathroom that includes:
  • Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles
  • Marble or Laminate Vanity Tops
  • Porcelain Fixtures
  • Metal Fittings
  • A Wall Mirror

Each of them doesn’t have identical textures as the other. If they’re not balanced, it’s a tense battle of textures. It’s possible to balance things by contrasting matte- or unglazed tile with marble flooring or warm towels with large rugs.

Why Balance Texture?

Like highlighters draw attention to your face, the texture enhances the overall design. It’s the extra your bathroom must have to look and feel like it’s complete.

Selecting the right texture will unleash your imagination by mixing soft and hard elements to create the perfect ambiance. You can have various textures for different components. It is best to use one color scheme throughout your bathroom, and then different textures are utilized on different surfaces.

Imagine the possibility of wood flooring and a stone wall, and a granite counter inside the restroom!

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Balancing Colors and Textures

Combining monochromatic color schemes with various textures creates a sophisticated and elegant look. If done incorrectly, an uninspiring bathroom with a standard tub can look even smaller when paired with an extravagantly patterned shower curtain.

It’s crucial to balance the textures and colors right.

Tips for Combining Textures and the Right Colors

  • Choose a shower cubicle or curtains with a light color for smaller bathrooms.
  • White cabinets make them appear smaller. Therefore, go for oak with natural color against the texture of your choice.
  • The ideal balance between texture and color within the bathroom can be found in a shower made of stone that is linear and has an unichromatic color scheme.
  • For bathrooms with cool tones, choose countertops made of natural stone and some wooden fixtures to provide warmth.
  • Bring some color to your bathroom’s white-textured design by putting a red bathtub.
  • Use a vintage telephone booth to create a glass shower stall to make the most creative choice.

Final Word

Do not stress about all the rules for the colors and textures excessively. Flex the rules to your will, as long as you consider the most crucial aspect of designing balance. Whatever your design might be balanced is the main rule of thumb. Now, Kohler products are available across the countries of West and East Africa including Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Contact us at or visit

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