Benefits of homework in teaching and learning   


Along with learning and listening to the teachers in the classroom, students have to do more to receive a quality education and achieve academic excellence. The learning work and tasks given by the teachers to students for doing at home are referred to as the homework. For both teaching and learning success, giving homework to the students is important.

To make students develop the core learning skills, self-study better, stay consistent and participate in the classes better, homework has a lot of benefits for learners. When learners grow academically this way, the teaching skills and practices of the teachers also become successful. Let us discuss the benefits of giving homework to students for both students as well as teachers. 

Benefits of homework 

1. Help teachers to complete the syllabus timely 

All teachers aim to complete the syllabus timely so that they get enough time for making students revise and understand more. But when each and everything small, big or similar has to be done in the classroom, finishing the syllabus timely can become a problem for teachers. 

But when teachers give homework to the students this can be achieved better and this helps them to teach online and in traditional classes better. The easy questions can be given to the students for homework. Also when similar parts of a question are given for homework, teachers can utilize the saved time in teaching other topics. 

2. Help students to stay consistent with learning 

Many students limit their learning only to what to do and finish in their classroom. This makes students less effective and limits their academic growth. But when students do homework, they self-study, read, learn and perform better. This makes them more consistent with their learning. Regularly doing homework, make students regular with their learning too. This improves their academic consistency. 

3. Help teachers to check students understanding

Along with teaching, seeing how much students are understanding and responding is equally important. Giving regular homework to the students help teachers to see and analyze how well students are understanding in the classes. 

By checking students’ homework, teachers can find where they are making mistakes and what more teachers have to do to make students understand better and reduce errors, furthermore becoming more accurate at learning. 

4. Help students to receive better feedback 

By submitting homework regularly and getting it checked by the teachers simultaneously, students can receive regular and efficient feedback. The appreciation received will keep you going for the good work and suggestions received will help students to improve. 

Tips for students to do homework better 

1. Don’t take homework as a burden 

Many students feel homework is a burden. But they all must understand that teachers assign them homework for better learning. As students, you have several duties and among these duties, one is to do and submit the homework regularly. 

As you learn and perform in the classes, you have to do homework for better self-studies and overall learning as well. So don’t take it as a burden. 

2. Get your homework doubts cleared timely 

Many students are slow at doing and submitting homework.  And the main reason behind this is difficulty in understanding the homework topics. This slows down the working speed of the students, finding coping with it difficult also causing late submissions.

To overcome this homework, all students must get their doubts cleared timely whether learning via online live classesor traditionally. Ask your teachers and get your queries solved timely so that you can do and submit homework before the deadlines only. 

3. Don’t wait for the deadline 

Last-minute work and preparation are always less effective. When students only do homework on the day of the submission, they can’t do it effectively. They will be in a hurry to wind up their work and just submit. But to do it better, students must start working early and do homework effectively. 

4. Use technology

Sometimes finding content for the homework from textbooks becomes difficult or time-consuming for the students. But using technology can help students in this regard. By using online teaching sites and apps, students can explore and study a lot of content to do their homework better and more effectively. 


Along with learning in the classroom, for better self-studies, more participation in the classes, understanding, and consistency, homework benefits students in numerous ways. Checking students’ knowledge, improving teaching skills, completing the syllabus timely, and making students more active in the classroom, teachers are also benefited by giving homework to the students. By following the above-mentioned tips, students can do their homework better and more effectively.

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