Benefits of VoIP Home Phones

VoIP Home Phones

VoIP phone, or voice over Internet Protocol phones, are telephones that transmit and receive calls through the IP network such as the Internet. VoIP phones veer away from the conventional public telephone system. With the advent of Internet communication, more homes are transitioning to VoIP phones due to the following benefits over conventional telephone systems:

Ease of Use

A lot of new users are intimidated by these new systems, thinking that the VoIP phone is another new technology that they’d have to learn and adapt to. A common misconception among homeowners is that VoIP systems are complicated to use. In reality, you already know how to use a VoIP phone if you know how to use a conventional telephone. There’s virtually no difference in the process. You simply have to dial in the number you’re calling, and your call is routed through the network.


Since VoIP phone utilize the network infrastructure for your Internet connection, you can take advantage of Wi-Fi networks for your calls. As long as you’re connected to the wireless network, you can take calls wirelessly anywhere in your home within the coverage of the network.

For conventional telephone systems, cordless phones will still need to have a handset connected by wire to the receptacle. For VoIP systems, it’s pretty much like using your smartphone within the network in your home.

Ease of VoIP phone Installation

Unlike conventional telephone systems wherein you have to call in expert technicians to run phone wiring through your facility and set up the actual handsets, it is very easy to learn how to setup VoIP phone by a person even with limited technical know-how. It’s comparable to connecting your laptop to the local area network. There’s no configuration required and no software to install.

Security for You

Contrary to the misconception that the calls you make over a VoIP phone may be easily hacked, it’s actually quite a complicated process to access a VoIP call. While it’s quite easy to install your VoIP home phone, it’ll be quite challenging for others to tap into the calls you make using your VoIP phone at home. If you want to be totally confident about the security of making your important calls using your VoIP home phone and if you’re tech-savvy, get a vulnerability scanner to check the systems you have in place at home.

VoIP phone with Cheaper Costs of Calls

For conventional telephone calls, the two callers are using a certain “pathway” in the system that’s reserved for them within the duration of the call. This becomes more expensive for long distance and international calls. For VoIP systems, the data is converted into digital packets and transmitted through the Internet. There’s virtually no difference in processes, whether it’s a local call you’re making or an international one. It’s just like being on a text chat with your friend residing in another continent. With this difference in technology, your cost per call is much lower than conventional systems. Think of the amount you’ll be saving in your household expenses when you switch over to using VoIP home phones.

The permanence of Your Number

A common drawback of old-style phone systems is that the telephone number you have is location-dependent. Your actual phone number denotes a specific locator in an area, which means that when you transfer locations, you’ll have to change your number. For VoIP phones, the telephone numbers are not assigned in the same way. This means that you won’t have to change your numbers at all if you’re moving residences in the future.

Ease in Scaling Up and Down

In the conventional analog systems, each telephone number has its own line. This means that adding or removing lines necessitates running or removing telephone wires in your home. For VoIP systems, you can easily install and remove terminals immediately. You’ll always have the right amount of phones for your requirements. If, for example, you have kids whom you know will be moving away in the near future for college, installing a VoIP phone system in your home ensures that you can downgrade the number of lines to maintain only what you need when your kids move away.


More importantly, due to the digital conversion prior to transmission, audio quality is preserved even when you make long distance calls. The audio quality is kept in the compressed data packets being continuously transmitted. Making your calls over the Internet with the use of your VoIP- phone ensures that you clearly hear the person you’re talking to on the other end, no matter where the other person may be physically.

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