Best iPhone VPN Apps | List of iPhone VPN Applications

iPhone VPN Apps

The use of Virtual Private networks to assure total anonymity over the internet has become a widely accepted phenomenon. Not surprisingly, with the outbreak of every single day, there is a steep rise in its users, and the number is only expected to rise further in the better future.

Owing to such vast demand, manufacturers of hand-held devices such as Apple have come up with sophisticated iPhone Apps that comprise VPN capabilities and allow people to connect to the internet in total anonymity.

Let us discuss all these VPN apps that are specially developed to satisfy the demands of your darling iPhones.

Why use iPhone VPN Apps

If you are using simply the built-in VPN support in your iPhone, it is quite a feasible option. However, if you are pretty regular on using VPN, you would definitely not like to spend a bulk of time providing your iPhone with login details each time you decide to use the internet via VPN.

It is for this reason that developers came out with a power-packed alternative in the form of iPhone VPN Apps. With the help of these apps, you can go on romancing with the internet over a secure network for as much time as you want.

All you need is to just click a button and you are on, once you configure it properly.

Advantages of iPhone VPN Apps

  • Connect you to the internet with a single click
  • Emancipate you from going through daunting manual configurations
  • Freedom to choose your preferred VPN protocol
  • Secures your browsing data
  • Keep uninvited intruders out of your network
  • Protect your privacy online

Best VPN Apps

If you are an ardent user of VPN then you would instantly figure out the best VPN app for your iPhone. Just to help you in your endeavors, below are listed some of them:

Let us get into the depth of each of them one after another.

1- Hotspot Shield VPN app For iPhone

Hotspot Shield has been offering capable desktop security solutions through its VPN services for a long time. The company has now made its foray into VPN iPhone as well. There may be a heck of reasons that may tend you to lose your important data on your iPhone, such as

  • Using a 3G network or a Wifi network in a restaurant or in a cafe
  • An insecure website that you open, takes control of your phone
  • Someone around you traps your login details and uses it for a fraudulent purpose

Hotspot Shield acts as your best friend in discouraging all such possibilities and allowing you to browse securely through your iPhone.

Benefits of Hotspot Shield

  • Converts the HTTP sessions into HTTPS sessions, thereby giving way to additional security
  • Allows easy access to blocked websites
  • Hides your online activities from censoring authorities and hackers.

Latest Hotspot Version

The latest version, Hotspot Shield VPN 1.5 by AnchorFree Inc is available with exclusive facilities such as:

  • Malware protection features include the capabilities to block spam, rogue websites, and phishing
  • Fixes various bugs
  • Promises multiple performances with highly reliable improvements.

You can use its trial version free of cost for the first 7 days after downloading and installing it at your end. After this if you fell in love with it, which is quite a possibility, you have always the option to buy it.

2- VPN One Click Professional

Yet another efficient iPhone VPN app, Vpn One Click Professional by Bravotelco LLc sister company of Kryptotel LLC acts as your passport towards browsing through all those websites that are otherwise inaccessible through the normal internet connection in certain countries. It allows you to:

  • Connect to a server-based in a country of your own choice
  • Keep your original identity and the real IP address safe and secure.
  • Explore Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and similar other restricted websites.

Its latest version 1.20 offers:

  • Enhanced language support including Chinese, Italian, Russian and Arabic languages.
  • Facility to connect to newly added servers in France

3- VPN Express

If you are raring to look out for security while aboard, then VPN Express / Express VPN is more likely to enthrall your attention. The app is optimized for iPhone as well as for iPad VPN and iTouch communication and assures you a high-grade network making way for swifter VPN service irrespective of your current location. Some of its mouth-watering pluses include:

  • Round the clock availability
  • Deadly cheap rates on its data plans
  • Appreciable up time, ie. 99%
  • Freedom to access all the blocked websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Facebook, etc.
  • Smart choice for using VOIP
  • Excellent Network
  • Availability of Free Trial version

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