The increase in the eCommerce industry was already predicted; however, the impact of the 2020 pandemic made the curve steeper. More and more retailers are turning to online sales by collaborating with digital transformation companies, while entrepreneurs are launching businesses through eCommerce. Global e-retail sales are expected to reach $6.54 trillion by 2022, up from $3.53 trillion in 2019. eCommerce is a dynamic industry, however. Year after year, various new trends emerge that might help your business expand and outperform its competition; 2021 is no exception. Hence, it’s better to ally with a software development company that not only digitises your business but also helps you keep up with various emerging trends. Let’s look at the top 5 ecommerce trends that lead the way this year:

1.    Big data is used to deliver tailored solutions.

Many people are becoming more conscious that ecommerce companies are gathering personal information about them, putting them in danger. As a result, experts have conflicting views on the potential advantages and how it affects the personalised purchasing experience. Personalization will ultimately find its way to the internet of things as digital corporations continue to develop and bring more services in-house. We’ll see suggestions on our thermostats and doorbell cameras, in addition to search engines and purchasing portals. This will have an intriguing influence on how advertisers may contact new users.

2.    The realism of online buying is enhanced with augmented reality.

Augmented reality (AR) has completely transformed ecommerce. With this sort of technology, customers can really see the thing they’re looking at, which aids them in making a purchasing decision. AR has a significant impact on the purchasing experience in some areas, like fashion and home décor, because the client can get a better sense of the item without having to see it in person. Gartner forecasted in 2019 that 100 million people will use augmented reality to purchase by 2020. Polls have also shown some shocking statistics about AR: 35% of respondents think they would buy online more if they could digitally try on a thing before purchasing it.

3.    On-site customization makes use of this information to generate personalization.

Buyers of all types, including B2C and B2B, are searching for individualized, customized online purchasing experiences. The data acquired by AI is what allows a buyer to receive individualized product suggestions and thorough customer assistance. Implementing tailored experiences on-site or through marketing efforts has been demonstrated to have a significant impact on revenue, with one research finding a 25% revenue increase for merchants leveraging sophisticated customization capabilities. As marketers collect and use more data, they will be able to create extraordinarily relevant experiences for customers that seem tailor-made.

4.    The importance of sustainability is growing.

Consumers and companies alike are becoming more environmentally conscious. As a result, customers are becoming more sensitive about where they purchase, the influence it has on the environment, and the consequences. According to one poll, 50% of respondents desired more sustainability in the fashion business, while 75% wanted less packaging. Many firms are becoming more environmentally conscious by going paperless wherever feasible, utilizing biodegradable packaging, and employing recyclable materials.

5.    Businesses should enhance their digital approach to increase conversion.

Attracting potential clients to your website is one thing; getting them to engage is quite another. Businesses want to boost their conversion rates by improving their web pages in 2020. Multi-channel selling is yet another technique to increase conversions, whether through Facebook advertising or Google shopping advertisements. Increasingly businesses are vying for the same set of eyeballs. Clients are also more critical, aggressive, and inquiring than they have ever been.

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