Brow Products and When to Use Them

Brow Products

Have you been eyeing that Instagram model’s brows and are dying to have something similar? Well, here’s some good news – you can get them.

With a few brow supplies, you can have the perfect eyebrows at little cost. Being as crucial as blended contour and matching foundation — eyebrows require their maintenance and makeup.

Permanent brows are a new trend in beauty that is gaining popularity. They are a way to enhance your natural features and make them look more defined.

Here is everything you might need to achieve the perfect brows!

Types of Brow Supplies

If you’re new to the world of eyebrows, you’re going to be overwhelmed with the number of brow products on the market.

Every type of brow product has a different use, consistency, and effect. So, if you want to buy the right brow supplies, you need to know what they’re useful for!

●                Brow Gels: Think of this as a mascara for your eyebrows. They help provide definition, colour and make your eyebrow appear fuller.

●                Brow Pencil: A waxy pigment in the form of a pencil, they provide a more natural-looking brow. They’re the perfect way to fill in any gaps and control the pigment.

●                Brow Powder: It’s a lot like an eyeshadow that fills in the gaps and can darken your eyebrows.

●                Brow Markers: These markers have highly saturated colour and let people create brow arches, hairs and draw on brows.

●                Brow Wax: They have no pigment and just hold the brows in place and don’t let them look unruly.

●                Brow Pomade: For a dramatic, defined look, you’ll need a pomade.

●                Brow Colour: If you want to experiment, then coloured brow products let you try eyebrows of any colour!

Brow Issues and the Products to Use

You don’t need every brow product to grace the shelves of a makeup store. Instead, choose your brow products by the issue you’re facing.

●                Gaps and Bald Patches: Use pencils or powders to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows

●                Asymmetry: Use pencils and powders to fix the asymmetry by drawing the eyebrows correctly.

●                Sparse Brows: Using a brow pomade or gel will quickly fix the sparseness of your brows

●                Spare Eyebrow Tails: Again, using gel or pencils and powders to fill in the gaps will give your eyebrows a fuller look.

●                Unruly Brows: a gel or a wax product will keep your eyebrows in place throughout the day

●                Dramatic Look: Use a marker if you want a more dramatic, striking eyebrow

●                Non-Existent Eyebrows: Use a marker or brow powder to draw on eyebrows that look natural.

●                Dry Skin: Pencils or pomades won’t look dry or fade away on dry skin

●                Oily Skin: Powders and markers are less likely to break down because of the oils on your skin.

Treatments to Help You Care for Your Brows

No matter how much brow gel you use, it will not help if you don’t care about your brows.

●                Trimming and Tweezing: Keep your eyebrows neat and under control by trimming and tweezing any stray hairs. It still provides that natural look without requiring too much skill or effort.

●                Threading: You can either try it at home or get it done at a salon. There are no chemicals, just hair being pulled from the root and precise hair removal.

●                Waxing: Waxing is quick and a little painful. But it provides a lovely sculpted arch to the eyebrow. You can even do it at home!

●                Brow Tinting: If you’re tired of having to use a gel or powder to darken your eyebrows, then you can go the brow tinting route. There are even tinting kits for you to try at home!

Wrapping Up

Eyebrows have quickly become an essential part of the makeup process. Having full, natural-looking eyebrows is all the rage, and you can’t achieve those without some brow supplies.

With a brow gel or some wax, you can transform your eyebrows and complete your look!

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