Call Tracking in Dental Marketing – What You Should Know

Call Tracking

Call tracking is an online marketing strategy that measures the effectiveness of every advertising dollar spent. Call tracking enables marketers to measure phone calls from their website or advertisements to track calls from those sources.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about call tracking in dental marketing.

#1. What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a way to track phone calls related to online advertising. By having your website or advertisements “tagged,” you can gather valuable data about inbound phone calls using the information in the tag. The purpose of this data is to help determine your return on investment when it comes to your money spent on ads.

#2. What Kind Of Information Does Call Tracking To Gather From The Person Who Called?

An individual calling a company after seeing their site or an ad will be prompted with a question such as, “How did you hear about us?” This allows the marketer to see most of their traffic and sales came from – whether that’s being referred through another company’s site, an online advertisement, or from a direct website visit.

#3 How does call tracking work?

Call tracking works by the business implementing unique code on their site or advertisements. When a person calls after clicking on an ad, the code will send information to the company about the individual’s source of traffic/lead and track this data over time.

#4 How Do I Know If My Call Tracking System Is Working?

The marketer will see how many calls are generated from each source that the business has tagged. They can then view this data over time to determine whether or not their advertising dollars are bringing them a positive return on investment (ROI).

If you do not see an increase in traffic and sales, it may indicate that your website needs to be optimized for better conversion rates. This means making sure visitors easily find information about your services/products through straightforward, simple navigation and landing pages.

#5. What Types Of Advertisements Can Use Call Tracking?

Call tracking holds benefits for many industries. Still, it is particularly beneficial for sectors with a low online presence and spaces where people tend to make buying decisions based on referrals and customer testimonials.

For example, call tracking is an excellent choice when you have to do Marketing for Dental services in a particular area. If you look forward to gaining more new patients through referrals, call tracking comes in handy for you to see which source (online or offline) brings the most traffic.

The same goes for companies looking to understand better how their online display ads contribute to sales made from phone calls.

#6. How do I know the best sources of advertising according to my data?

Your data will show you where most of your traffic and sales come from. If a particular campaign or source is driving more people to your website, then it’s worth continuing that ad campaign for as long as possible. It’ll also help you determine where you should be spending more of your advertising dollars.

On the other hand, if a source isn’t meeting expectations, consider changing to improve results by adjusting your campaigns or targeting different keywords/audiences.

#7. What Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Can Call Tracking Provide?

The key performance indicators called tracking are related to the return on investment that you’re seeing. You’ll determine ROI through this tool by knowing how much money is made from phone calls versus online advertising dollars.

#8 Can I Track Mobile Calls? If So, How?

Call tracking now offers the ability to track mobile traffic/calls and website visits, emails, and social media interactions. Mobile call tracking will work in much the same way as traditional call tracking – both have codes or tags implemented on your site or advertisements, which bring you information about who’s calling after clicking on an ad.

The only difference is this code will also allow you to know where they are geographically located when they call after clicking on an ad. This will help you better understand where your mobile customers are located and the behavior of visitors on their devices.

Call tracking is a valuable marketing tool that gives businesses insight into which online and offline traffic sources and sales are most successful.

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