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We all want to feel included. It is a part of our human make up. This is becoming a popular topic among many minority groups and people in general. But one group that can often feel excluded are those living with a disability. Everyday things that most of us take for granted can require a lot of forethought and planning for others. Even things as simple as going for a walk around the block may feel like a military operation to some. Maybe even just getting out of bed, getting dressed, trying to read or listen to a message, or use a remote control can have the same effect on others. The problem is, disabilities are very diverse and can affect people in lots of different ways. We can clearly see a lot of steps have been taken to try and make the lives of those with disabilities easier whenever we go outside. We see ramps along the side of buildings for those needing to avoid those steps. We see consideration for those needing help to get on and off sidewalks. But there are other ways that the struggle is still not always being addressed. Thankfully, there are companies like accessiBe who are working hard to change that.

An area that is often overlooked is online. We could be quick to assume that the internet in itself is a great tool for those with a disability. For some, this is true, and it has given them access to things they couldn’t access, or struggled to access, before. But for others, the internet can bring a whole new set of frustrations and another area where those living with a disability feel excluded from others. As mentioned, companies, and even the government, are taking steps to change things. Laws are now in place in most countries to ensure that websites are made accessible for those who need it. This is obviously making a difference and helping the situation but in the last couple of years, with the pandemic moving the world online, the number of websites is increasing at a faster pace than ever before. This means that the fight is still continuing to make all these websites accessible. The number of legal cases on this issue has also seen a sharp increase in recent years which shows that this is being taken seriously. If you have a website, can you play your part in the battle for accessibility?

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