Can Your Pets Benefit From CBD Products?


Cannabidiol aka CBD is one of the revolutionary chemicals that has proven itself to have multiple health benefits for human beings. The legalization of medical marijuana has helped many people suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and much more through the availability of CBD products. However, the question arises, can CBD help our pets as well?

Like humans, pets also suffer from separation anxiety, chronic pain, and several other disorders. The use of cbd pet products can significantly help our pets cope with several issues. Here is what you need to know about the use of CBD products in pets. 

Is CBD Safe For The Use Of Pets?

CBD is a chemical extracted from the marijuana plant. It is considered safe mainly because it does not alter anything in the human body. While the exact role of CBD in the animal body is not studied deeply, it is believed that CBD in pets acts the same way as it may act in the human body.

Although the FDA has not approved any CBD drugs for pets, some of the products available on the market have helped many pet parents to make things easier for their pets. 

How CBD Products Help Pets?

Here are some ways that pets can benefit from the CBD-infused products available on the market for them.

1. Treat Chronic Pain

Just like humans, pets can feel chronic pain and inflammation. Some pets may even suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis. Using CBD-infused products can help pets feel much better. 

The exact mechanism of how cbd helps is still not known, however, scientists believe that CBD hits the brain just like serotonin, thus relieving the sensation of pain in the body. 

2. Helpful In Anxiety

Pets can feel anxious too. Some dogs and even cats may feel separation anxiety if they have been taken away from their homes. To treat anxiety, cbd products can be used. 

For example, relaxation CBD oil tincture can be very effective to calm anxious nerves and help the animal relate to the new setting. 

3. Prevents Seizures In Dogs

It can be quite difficult to manage dogs suffering from seizures. Many dog parents have reported positive results of using CBD products in combination with seizure medication for their dogs. 

Although the exact reason is still unknown, vets believe that CBD helps in calming the nerves. Therefore, it might prevent the over-firing of nerves, thus preventing seizure attacks. 

Risks Associated With The Use Of CBD Products For Pets

Very little study is done on pets and how CBD can act on their body and mind, nothing much can be said. CBD products have not shown any serious side effects on the human body, therefore, veterinary doctors advise pet parents to use CBD products with caution. 
Usually, CBD does not make one high but if you ever feel that your pet is feeling high, or behaving unusually, then you should consider consulting your vet before giving another dose of CBD products. Overdose can also cause diarrhea.  Apart from this, no other risks have been identified as such.

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