Chandelier Styles and Shapes for Your Home

Chandelier Styles and Shapes

What is a Chandelier?

You might be wondering what a chandelier is? The chandelier is a light fixture usually found hanging on the ceiling; it is otherwise known as hanging chandelier lights. These are widely used in the dining room; they create an ambience in any room, such as the bedroom, living room, and patio. If you have a small house simple chandelier for living room is your best option. These feature multiple lamps with multiple tiers and are used to create ambient lighting. 

A similar style of light is known as the pendant light; people get with it and a hanging chandelier lights. A pendant generally consists of just one light source hanging from a single wire or suspension system, while a chandelier has various light sources connected by a branched frame. Even though with this difference, the variance between pendant lights and chandeliers gets very confusing when comparing larger-sized pendants

Types of chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers

These are chandeliers made up of glass with lead oxide, which gives a more brilliant and enhanced look. A crystal chandelier gives a dramatic look to any space in your room. But in a small house simple chandelier for living room is most preferred.

In the starting, chandeliers were used to grip several candles to brighten up the large spaces. But the light got magnified by adding crystals to it. Then slowly, the candles were replaced with bulbs, and now the lights spread the warm glow to the entire space.

Modern Chandeliers

These are aesthetically attractive and functional if you are a minimalist. They are available in geometrical shapes, which give a simple look.

Contemporary Chandeliers

Compared to modern designs, they have shapes, textures, and details. It is also trendy as it takes ideas and styles from different generations.

Drum Chandeliers

As per its name, these chandeliers have a drum-shaped design with a series of lights to lighten the whole room space.

Mini Chandeliers

Mini chandeliers are best if you want to enhance the lighting in any of your smaller spaces. These are the best options you can afford rather than large chandeliers for your room.

Waterfall Chandeliers

The crystals in these chandeliers give them a look like falling water. These are available in the market with square, round, and other geometrical shapes.

Chandelier Design & Style:

Contemporary Chandelier Design

Are you an innovative yet minimalist person and want your home like that? Then Contemporary design is the best option for you. It breaks away from other styles to create cutting-edge chandeliers, showing how chandelier design can be remodelled for everyday use.

Rustic chandelier design

This kind of design is characterized by an emphasis on naturalism and simplicity. Wood, wrought iron, and Edison-style bulbs are common for rustic chandeliers as they are commonly found in them.

Industrial chandelier design

The industrial design employs exposed wood and metal to enhance the image of lighting, which may have been used in an industrial setting or any factory. These are widely seen in industrial sectors.

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