Choose A Right Pest Control Company

Right Pest Control Company

Hiring Power Pest Control is often a necessary part of home maintenance. We cannot control nature and sometimes pests just try their best to get into our homes. The only answer is to hire a professional who will be able to deal with the pests and get things back to normal. Here are some of the best tips for choosing an exterminator for your home.

Choose Someone Local

You always want to choose a local exterminator. Though they may be part of a national chain, they are still going to know some of the issues you are facing better than someone who has come in from out of state. For example, if you live in Florida then you should be searching for the best pest control has to offer. Someone here is going to fully understand some of the pest problems Floridians face, compared to if you were to bring in someone else. 

While it can be difficult to arrange if this is your second home, you will also find that the experience is much better overall. With modern communication today, it is a lot easier to keep up with someone even if they are in another state. You could even face time your exterminator when they are packing up your home to ensure that they are prepping your home correctly if you can’t be there in person.

Do Your Research

Just as you would not hire any other trade without conducting research, you need to make sure you are looking into the companies you are considering for this pest control job. There are so many little things that need to be checked out before you commit to a company. 

Most companies will provide free estimates for a job and they will be happy to answer any range of questions for you. For example, you should ask to view the licences that they have from the state department. Make sure you know what the requirements are for the state you live in. Whether it is the EPA of the State Department of Agriculture, you need to know where the license will be issued. 

A reputable company should also be happy to provide a detailed list of the treatments they propose for your home. Everything from the application rate to the chemicals they intend to use should be information that you have access to.

What to Watch Out For

As with any industry, there will be some less-than-reputable characters trying to make a quick buck with bad practices. You may get a knock at the door from someone explaining they just cleared next door and want to check your home too in case the infestation has spread wider. Thank them and say you will look into it yourself. Never accept a cold-call like this or a door-to-door sales technique.

You should also make sure that they do not claim to have a secret recipe for their chemicals. Every pesticide they used must be registered with the EPA and the State Department of Agriculture. There is no “magic secret formula”; pesticide is created from a set list of active ingredients and the regulating bodies need to know what they are. If a company refuses to tell you what is in their pesticides, you should move on. You should also double-check with the regulating bodies to ensure that you are using a company endorsed by them and not one that has been blacklisted.

Long-Term or One-Off Contract

Depending on where you live, you may want to engage the pest control company on a long-term inspection contract. At a rate agreeable to you, they will come to your property and perform a quick and non-invasive inspection to ensure that your property has no bugs. If any are found, they can then make an appointment to return and carry out the pest removal. This could be handy if you live in a state with lots of invasive local wildlife.

If you have already found evidence of pests, you may just want the one-off appointment. Any pest control company should then be happy to arrange a full set of inspection, application, and follow-up appointments. You will then be able to discuss moving to a recurring contract if you so wish.

Clear and Concise Instructions

When prepping your home for a treatment, your technician should be able to provide you with a clear list of instructions as to what needs to be done. The first will always be the length of the treatment. Some require you to vacate your home for a number of days. A good technician will be able to give you the timeline you need to follow in advance so you have the opportunity to arrange alternative accommodation if necessary. 

One of the big considerations that need to be made is your pets. Though bigger animals like a dog or a cat can easily be removed, anything in a tank will need to be moved in its entirety. Anything that gets left behind will need to have an air pump turned off and you need to heavily wrap the tank to ensure no contamination takes place. All of this must be done before the exterminator arrives. It will be a massive waste of time for them to have to sit around to wait for you to finish packing up. They will provide you with a strict itinerary and you must be the one to follow it.


At all points in your conversation, the pest control technician and anyone you deal with in the wider company should be professional and helpful. No matter whether you have researched and found them yourself or you are going off the recommendation of a trusted friend, they need to treat you as a valued customer. 

Hopefully, you will be able to work together perfectly to deliver a stellar customer service experience on their part and a clean, pest-free home on yours. Start looking into pest control companies in your area now.

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