Choosing the best Franck Muller luxury watch

Franck Muller luxury watch

Increasingly wealthy people are interested in diversifying their investments. In the last decade, luxury watches have become a very popular investment option for the rich since they are fashion accessories, and their value is also increasing faster than most other assets. Though it was founded only in 1992, the house of Franck muller has become very popular for its exclusive luxury watches. Hence many wealthy people would like to find out which is the best Franck muller watch available so that they can purchase a watch for themselves or for gifting.

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Comparing models

While Franck Muller has different models of watches available like Vanguard Casablanca and Vanguard Rose skeleton, probably the most expensive luxury watch available is the Grand Central Tourbillon. Franck Muller is called the master of complications for his ability to design extremely complicated watches which few other watchmakers are capable of. As the name indicates the watch has a complicated Tourbillon at the center of the watch to give it a unique look while ensuring that the watch shows the time accurately. Only a limited number of this Tourbillon watch model are available, so buyers can be assured that the value of the watch will increase over time.


The dial of the watch has a guilloche pattern which is inspired by the Clous de Paris pattern where hollowed lines intersect to create extremely small pyramidical shapes. The pattern has a spiral effect and this highlights the rotational movement of the central tourbillon. Franck Muller is famous for using the Cintree curvex case for his luxury watches. For this tourbillon watch, he has redesigned the case to complement the design of the watch. Depending on the personal preferences of the buyer they can choose from different options listed below.


One of the main options for the user is the size of the watch he wishes to purchase. earlier Franck muller had larger watches of size 40-45 mm. Now for the convenience of the user, they can also prefer the smaller CX36 size corresponding to 35-40 mm dimensions. Another option while purchasing the watch is the material of the watch case. Many people prefer to purchase a watch with a gold case since it will not corrode, though the watch is likely to be more expensive. In addition to the standard gold model, there are also variations like rose gold and white gold available. Buyers with a limited budget can also purchase watches with non-gold cases.

Another consideration while purchasing the luxury watch is the dial. Many buyers prefer to purchase a watch with a light-colored dial since it is easier to read the time For light-colored dials there are variants that include grey and light pink. Usually, the numbers for the light dials are black in color. Other buyers prefer to purchase watches with colored dials. Hence Franck Muller offers various options for colored dials like dark blue, black, and dark grey and the hour numbers are usually golden. Additionally, there are multiple color options for the tourbillon in the central portion of the watch

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