Communication Errors Boys make with Girls

Communication Errors Boys make with Girls

When a boy meets girl sparks usually fly and things begin moving internally, perhaps not always for the best. Boys begin boiling up, sometimes developing butterflies in their stomachs. This happens because the girl makes him feel alive. The problem arises when the boy opens his mouth, or indeed picks up a phone to text her. The communication barriers instantly pop up, and one wonders where his manhood went.

Ego versus Humility

When boys or men meet the ladies, it is automatic that they want to be acknowledged. This means they need to be seen as men with something to offer. That is not the problem, however. Issues arise when ego steps over all else. It is when the man cannot refrain from talking about himself, or his achievements.

Women rarely want to hear what you have planned for them; they would rather you listen to their stories. Learning to communicate helps men grab the girl of their dreams. Once in a relationship, communication becomes even more important. Upon securing dates on it becomes crucial that you practice proper communication.

Here are common mistakes guys make while communicating with girls, and how to avoid them.

1. Oversharing

Overstepping boundaries is common at the beginning of any relationship. Men take to sharing too much information, particularly sharing excessively naughty pictures. Communication should have decorum. Focus on texting rather than visuals.

It saves you a lot of embarrassment especially if the lady shares your pictures. You might be as well-endowed as you believe you are. Lastly, the beginning of a relationship is about learning the other person’s desires. Sharing nudes only makes you seem vain and egotistical.

2. Push Notifications

Push notifications are made for social media platforms and other portals. They are not something to be practiced on a personal level. In layman’s terms, do not push messages more than necessary. Never send endless messages claiming to be worried or concerned.

If the girl never shared that she was in pain, why persist? Pushing messages from dusk till dawn definitely won’t work out for the best. Instead, focus on sending one or two messages during the early hours or sometime in the early evening.

3. Queries – too many

Don’t ask too much about family, personal lives, or histories. Ladies prefer letting information out slowly, and with time. She needs to get comfortable with you before sharing it all. If you’ve only just met, asking about family, or how many men she has been with is a no-no.

Incidentally, other queries bother girls too. If you persistently ask if she’s okay and she says no, let her be. She will eventually not be okay but due to your persistence. Keep things civil to avoid beef with the girl next door.

4. Control

Do not try to control the conversation or make her feel immature. Anytime a lady is stressed or confused, do not tell her to calm down. Let her work through her issues and share anything with you if she pleases. It is infuriating to badger her about her well-being.

Additionally, you should read her intonations and other cues. Girls always drop hints if they need to be left alone, chased, wined-and-dined, or if a breakup is imminent. Communicating with a lady should thus involve the man listening more, and talking less.

Bottom Line

Keep things courteous and gentlemanly when communicating with the ladies. She will like you without the arrogance that comes with the ego. If the male ego isn’t kept at bay, communication always leads to spite, some malice, and possible breakups. Stick to being you without the shortcomings that come with the ego. Communicate well on dating portals and the ladies will flock to your inbox. 

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