Complete Guide On The Trademark Registration Procedure

Trademark Registration Procedure

International trademark registration is the best way to protect your product or company from a third party. It is considered the best way to keep your product different from the competitor’s available product. This procedure will even help the people in expanding the business as more customers will get an idea of the product.

When a person plans to register for a trademark, he should have an idea regarding the various types of the trademark. If the person gets the detail of the trademark in advance and then selects the reliable option, they will be able to take better services.

Types Of Trademark

There are various types of trademarks that a person can register. Now we will discuss and detail the different types so that we can reach a conclusion regarding which type will be the best option:

Word Mark

Word mark is one of the widely used trademarks of the people in India and internationally. In general, the word mark indicates the name of the brand. For example, if we talk about the jio and the Britannia are known to have used the word mark.

Through this procedure, the person can complete the self-register of the word. Once the person plans to get the registration done of the trademark as the word mark, they can use it in any format. For example, the person can use the style and format of the work that he thinks will create protection for the person.


The brand name of the business activities should contain both the name and the logo. If the company’s name includes the logo, it will denote the company better. As a result of which, the attraction of the player will improve. Therefore, the best way to take the business to the height is to make a trademark that includes the name and the logo.

Product Trademark

The companies prefer to take the trademark for their product to give a special place to the person. For example, if we talk about the phones of the I-phone, then due to the trademark that they have, their products have a good place in society. Therefore, even having the trademark for the products increases their value in the market.

Services Trademark

In this trademark, the production is not given to the product but the company’s various services. Therefore, the trademark is generally applied to the multiple services provided to the different people of the society to create differentiation from the ordinarily available services.

Collective Trademark

These are the unique version of the trademark with the owner of a company or an association. It is the market that will distinguish a company from the other and even create differentiation in its product and service. Even the people will generate reliability for the company if their company has a proper trademark.

Certification Trademark

Like the people use another trademark, they even use the certification trademark. This trademark provides a higher level of protection to the company. If the person goes for this type of trademark, they will get the protection for the quality and the specifications.

These are the various types so trademark that is available for the people. The person can select the option that will be the best option for them after going through their feature. Even the cost of each type of trademark will differ. A person should make the proper analysis before they decide on the selection of the trademark.

Various Services Offered

A person will get various kinds of services if he plans to get international trademark registration. The quality of the service it provides is the main reason people prefer to use this platform for the expansion of their business. Now we will go through the various services that this platform offers to the users:

Fast Procedure

If the person plans to go for the international trademark registration, then they can just do it through the online mode. This option makes it convenient for people to complete the procedure.

 In addition, the online platform provides professional staff to the people who offer 24*7 hours of service to the people. So overall, it can be said that the procedure can be completed online, so it is both easy and fast.

Guarantee Delivery

Another thing that their services include is the guaranteed delivery of the approval letter of the trademark.

So if the person has the proof of the trademark, they will not have to face any kind of legal issues. The person can just fill out the form online, and he will receive the approval on the registered number.

Provides Trademark Amenities

They are even known to provide annuities to clients from time to time. It works as an attraction for the people. Once the person makes the right decision, it will prove beneficial in the long run.

This is the service that will depend on the platform that a person selects to complete the process of registration on the specific platform.

These are the various service offered by the company that provides the registration of the trademark to the people.

Benefits Of The Trademark Registration

The most significant advantage that international trademark registration provides to the user is that the person can protect his brand, as a result of which the success rate of the business will grow. Trademark registration acts as a link between the customer and the company providing services. Some of the benefits that it provides include:

It Is Economical

The cost that a person has to bear for the trademark registration is one-time, so it is considered an economical option. Not only is this even the time taken for the procedure so less than a person can quickly go through the system. In addition, the validity of the process will be up to 10 years.

It Is An Asset

The trademark is the best way to take the business to the height, so it acts as an asset to the company. The company even has the right to sell and transfer the trademark if the person wishes to take the loan amount.

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