Computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome
Computer vision syndrome

Whether it is school or work, using screens is imperative for both. With smartphones becoming ubiquitous, there is even more screen time added. Naturally, at the end of the long, hard day, you want to relax by watching Netflix, and so, your cumulative screen time is very high. 

You might not feel the impact of so much screen time right away, but it will catch up with you in the form of computer vision syndrome. 

Essentially, viewing the screen takes a greater toll on your eyes. Not only do they have to continuously shift focus, but this repetitive motion is also taxing for your eyes. It’s worse when your screen resolution and lighting is poor. 

Having improper contrast also strains the eyes. Glare and flicker from the screen make it worse. If your screen is a composite of a lot of varying material, then your eyes have to put in more work. Too much screen time also leads to drying of the eyes, as we blink less often. Dry eyes then cause over-watering of the eyes, about which you complained to your Eye specialist in Islamabad

The fatigue on the eyes gets worse with age. It then makes your lens less flexible, therefore leading to further problems with your vision. 

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome

CVS causes eyestrain, as your eyes become fatigued from working so much. Similarly, it also causes sensitivity to light alongside blurring of the vision. You might also have dry eyes and the subsequent watering of the eyes. 

Your eyes may also become irritated due to the dryness. Furthermore, they also might become red as well. 

Computer vision syndrome also affects the rest of your body; alongside causing headaches, it may also lead to stiff neck and aching shoulders. 

Diagnosing computer vision syndrome 

If you have these symptoms, then you should visit your doctor for proper diagnosis. Your doctor might then inquire into your history to ascertain possible other causes of the symptoms, as they are rather generic in nature. 

They will also inquire into your computer use, and your working space. Your machine, your posture, your working method are all relevant to your condition. 

Moreover, they might also perform different tests. It is a norm to check eyesight for any refraction errors, and if your prescription lens is not adequate, it will naturally contribute towards eye strain. 

Furthermore, they also check the reflexes of the eyes. Their ability to focus and move together is important for the formation of proper vision. Your doctor might also check for how much of your vision is affected. 

Treating computer vision syndrome 

There are various ways to go about treating computer vision syndrome, depending on the patient and their circumstances. 

Wearing glasses without vision problems: Generally, you might be asked to wear glass specifically for viewing computers, even if your vision is fine otherwise.

Wearing glasses with vision problems: Similarly, those with prescription glasses might be made to get glass with updated refraction alongside getting special glasses or lens for computer use. These lenses are specially designed with coating and power that enable greater ease for the when viewing screen. 

Vision therapy: Some patients have problems with focus and coordination, for which vision therapy is recommended. It entails doing activities that improve the functionality of brain and eye, when working in-tandem. 

Vision therapy is also a composite of eye exercises that help with eye movement and focusing otherwise as well. 

Changing your working environment: Having a computer placed such that it catches glare or hunches your shoulders also needs to be remedied. Therefore, it is important to work with proper posture and screen placed in a way that it does not catch glare.

Checkup: Not treatment per se, but do make it a norm to visit the Best Eye specialist in Lahore for examination, so eye and vision problems can be caught in time. 

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