Construction Truck Names: 5 Different Types of Construction Vehicles

Construction Truck

Are you shocked to hear that the US construction industry is worth over $2.1 trillion?

Construction trucks are the driving force behind this profitability. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the impressive buildings that we have today.

Do you know any construction truck names? Read on for our truck guide so you can familiarize yourself.

1. Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are at the center of any construction site. They’re responsible for transporting large quantities of construction materials. Their sturdy build and hydraulic lift mechanisms allow them to load and unload the following materials with ease:

  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Rubble

With their ability to pivot and dump their loads, dump trucks play a crucial role in keeping construction sites organized and productive.

2. Excavators

Excavators are versatile machines that are great at digging up and moving materials. They excel at digging, trenching, and grading tasks on construction sites.

Equipped with a pivot joint, excavators can rotate 360 degrees. This makes them quite maneuverable in tight spaces.

Their powerful arms can lift heavy objects and clear debris. This makes them essential for site preparation and earthmoving activities. When you shop with MTC Equipment, you can get the finest excavators and other construction tools.

3. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are heavy-duty machines designed for pushing and grading large quantities of soil, sand, and other materials. With their durable tracks and powerful blades mounted at the front, bulldozers can do the following with ease:

  • Clear land
  • Level surfaces
  • Create access roads on construction sites

Equipped with all-wheel drive capabilities, bulldozers can navigate challenging terrains without any trouble. This makes them indispensable for shaping the landscape during construction projects.

4. Crane Trucks

Crane trucks are indispensable for lifting and moving heavy construction materials and equipment. Featuring a telescopic boom and a lifting hook, crane trucks can hoist materials to great heights with precision and control. They’re used often for the following tasks:

  • Erecting steel structures
  • Installing prefabricated components
  • Lifting heavy machinery onto building sites

Crane trucks come in various configurations. This includes mobile cranes mounted on trucks for enhanced mobility.

5. Concrete Mixer Trucks

Concrete mixer trucks are specially designed to transport and mix concrete on construction sites. Equipped with rotating drums, these trucks ensure that freshly mixed concrete remains in a homogeneous state during transportation.

By continuously rotating their drums, concrete mixer trucks prevent the concrete from setting too fast. This allows it to be poured and shaped at the construction site.

Their all-wheel drive capabilities enable them to access remote or uneven terrain. It ensures a steady supply of concrete for construction projects.

These Are the Most Well-Known Construction Truck Names

People wouldn’t be able to accomplish much without the help of these powerful construction trucks. They make it possible to move materials and equipment, shape the landscape, and so much more. The next time you see construction trucks, you can reflect more on how much they’ve changed your surroundings.

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