Data Scientist Vs Data Engineer Demand in 2022

Data Scientist

The terms ‘data science’, ‘big data analytics,’ etc. are doing the rounds in the science and technology arena. With the help of big data analytics and raw data, you can remove crucial business roadblocks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a huge surge of 22% in job growth in the data science sector from 2020 to 2030. More and more businesses are now generating, collecting, as well as analyzing big data for running businesses. 

When it comes to data science, two main job profiles feature in the list – one of a data scientist and the other of a data engineer. You will need a Data Science certification for both the job profiles. Initially many had an idea that both the profiles were the same with similar job roles. Now it is understood that there are differences between a data scientist and a data engineer. In this article, we will discuss both the profiles and understand which one is more in demand in 2022.

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Brief background of data science job roles

Till three four years back, we assumed there will be a huge gap in demand and supply in the data science market as demand for data scientists will surge. However, this did not become true as many candidates took up data science courses aiming to choose a profession in the field. There was another assumption that with highly advanced automation tools, there will be minimal requirements for data scientists in the industry.

Understanding the roles of data engineers and data scientists 

It is pretty difficult to give a clear answer to this question as both the profiles are related to data science, which is a surging industry today. 

It is expected that the data engineer will take full charge in the coming times and guide users through the foundation stages of data analysis and exploration. The engineer will not only prepare and clean the data, but the job role will also require working across various platforms, compiling different database systems, handling disaster recovery, and developing suitable queries. With solid big data skills, the engineer should have thorough knowledge and experience in various programming languages like Scala, Python, and Java. 

The role of a data scientist is more towards automation. The main aim of the scientist is to make use of various advanced tools for combating regular business challenges. In the coming future, a data scientist will be more of a data analyst, working with different tools. The scientist will use a combination of advanced models and packaged and propriety models for extracting insights from voluminous amounts of business data. 

Data scientist vs. data engineer – Job demands in 2022

If you look closely, you will see that a data engineer lays the total groundwork so that the data scientist can visualize and analyze data. Many tasks done by the data engineer make the working of a data scientist easier. 

Industry experts opine that data engineers are more valuable than data scientists. Without their contribution, no big data project will be successful. In the current scenario, the demands of data engineers are higher as compared to data scientists. 


To summarize, it is quite clear that in the present scenario, you can make a good career with a data engineer profile. Imarticus Learning offers an excellent data analytics course with placement opportunities for interested candidates. Join the data analytics course and get assured placement in some of the leading companies looking for data science experts.

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