Did you know these 7 Types of Astrology?

Types of Astrology

There are various ways to interpret astrological charts, whether you’re reading about natal chart compatibility or practising the traditional Hindu astrology a.k.a vedic astrology methods. To ensure that you have all the resources necessary to interpret and comprehend birth charts, bear in mind the following seven popular astrology systems and their methodologies. Additionally, if you are passionate about your field of study, you’ll have a stronger connection to the cosmos. You can also connect with astrologers online or near your home for eg. You can connect with an astrologer in Noida or astrologer in Delhi to know more. 

Love Astrology 

In relationship astrology, a synastry chart is used to examine how planets connect from chart to chart with a significant other, crush, friend, coworker, or family member. Making a composite chart, in which the two charts are combined to make one chart from the two, is an additional relationship astrology technique. It’s crucial to remember that you are only looking at the ascendant and the planets when interpreting a composite chart; all other houses are ignored. This is due to the fact that you are only observing your connections with one another and not with other people. When using relationship astrology, the most common fallacy is that you just need to look at your own chart to learn about your love life. Astrology is all about projection when it comes to human connections. This implies that the energy we radiate and the things we attract into our lives are related.

Natal Astrology 

It is possible to find all the solutions relating to one’s orientation and aspirations by using one’s birth chart as a map to the universe (which requires the time, date, and place of birth).

Additionally, natal astrology can provide a deeper justification for all of the innermost hopes and concerns. A person’s hopes, dreams, and concerns can be seen in their natal birth chart, along with information about how they came to be in previous lifetimes. The astrologer can create an evolved birth chart using our birth information to examine timing and events occurring in the querent’s life and determine the best time to begin undertaking chores or realising objectives.

Medical Astrology

This style of astrology is arguably the most complicated one available.  When one becomes ill, it’s crucial to keep track of when they go to bed in their “sick bed” or realise they need to relax to feel better. It is crucial to record the time and date if you are unable to cast a chart so that an astrologer can review it, construct a chart, comprehend the prognosis, and predict how, when, and why the patient would recover.

The planets, signs, and house placements employed in medical astrology provided information regarding ailments. However, it can also specify sensitivity levels or vulnerable bodily areas.

Vedic Astrology 

Hindu astrology, also known as Vedic astrology, is a branch of Indian astrology that has a long history. Indians employ contemporary Vedic astrology to predict the outcomes of marriages, businesses, and common life events. This system of divination uses twelve signs, same as western astrology. The Jyotia system is calibrated based on constellations, in contrast to western astrology, which is based on the seasons.

Horary Astrology 

To obtain all the necessary answers, we may need to be more detailed than simply casting a standard astrological chart. Horary astrology is a traditional style of astrology in which the client asks a question, and the astrologer, with the help of a projected chart and replies, provides the analysis. For three months at a time, the results are determined by the replies. Additionally, you cannot ask the same question twice in a three-month period since you will receive inaccurate responses. The astrologer’s location determines the time of the chart, and the question’s asking period determines the time of the chart. It is not advisable to ask “yes or no” questions because the astrologer will guide you in the appropriate direction.

The moon also has a significant impact on horary’s ability to provide an answer because it naturally receives and transmits information.

Uranian Astrology

This method of astrology looks for planetary triggers—the degrees in the centre of two planets—that are required for someone to behave in all areas of their lives by using midpoints.

You would need to use a midpoint calculator to build a midpoint tree or perform the calculations manually in order to determine your midpoints. After then, one would examine the midpoint tree’s points to see if any transits were activating them. This technique can provide detailed information about how we connect with others or feel energetically around them, which makes it very helpful when it comes to relationship astrology.

If your “Hell Point,” which is the intersection of Saturn and Pluto, conjuncts another person’s sun, the relationship will have an obsessional aura. When you are together, you will both feel as though the world is your oyster if your Venus and Jupiter’s midpoints line up with their suns.

Electional Astrology 

This is a form of astrology that predicts life events in future. Although electoral astrology, also known as electional astrology, also employs the moon to gauge insights, it mostly concentrates on what the ascendant is doing when one wants to begin the activity or business. To achieve success, the moon must be in the first house and, of course, not void. This chart is based on the moment when the moon and ascendant align to produce a favourable feeling.

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