Differences in Using Dab Rigs Vs Using Bongs

Dab Rigs

Although both dab rigs and bongs serve a similar purpose, they are also different in appearance and operational. A bong consists of a removable bowl known as a down stem that reaches the water chamber, a place through which smoke travels, leading to the consumers’ mouth for inhalation into the lungs. Bongs are used with dry herbs and flowers. On the other hand, dab rigs use nails and a torch to convert concentrates into a vapor inhaled into the mouth and lungs.

Here are apparent differences between dab rigs and bongs:

Dab Rigs Are for Consuming Concentrates, While Bongs Are Used For Herbs and Flowers

Dab rigs are used in vaporizing cannabis concentrate without having to burn it directly over a flame. When the nail is heated for a particular time, a hot surface is created, which then causes the cannabis to turn into cannabinoid vapor. The vapor can then be drawn via a dab rig, typically by a water chamber, and inhaled.

In bongs, however, cannabis flowers (often known as buds) are packed into a bowl, which is then ignited as a consumer slowly pulls through the mouth. The smoke produced goes into the water chamber, causing bubbling up to the bowl’s neck. When the bowl is eventually removed, the smoke rushes from the neck into the mouth, entering the lungs. When smoke goes into the water chamber, it is cooled, making it suitable for inhalation. The water also absorbs the heavier smoke particles to give smooth and clean smoke for inhalation.

They Have Different Heating Sources

To use a dab rig, you must heat the nail to appropriate temperatures to turn the concentrate to vapor; it requires a blow torch or an electronic nail as heat produced by a lighter is not adequate for vaporization. On the other hand, you only require a lighter, hemp wick, or a match if you want to smoke through a bong.

Dab Rigs Use Nails and Torch While Bongs Use Removable Bowls

Whereas dab rigs work heating the nail using a torch to vaporize concentrated cannabis, bongs simply use a removable bowl that allows the smoke to travel to the mouth and the lungs.

Bongs Are Bigger than Dab Rigs in Size

Bongs and dab rigs have varied sizes. The larger size in bongs allows for maximum cooling and filtration when smoking the dry herbs and flowers. For concentrates, however, the relatively smaller size of the dab rigs allows the minimal loss to vapor, hence ensuring that the smoke reaches your lungs without losing potency and flavor.

Dab Rigs Cost More Than Bongs

Dab rigs are usually slightly expensive compared to bongs. Whereas a bong is a simple apparatus, dab rigs require accessories such as a dab nail, torch, carb cap or lid, and dabber tool.

The type of cannabis to smoke is dependent on one’s preference. When choosing the apparatus to use when smoking cannabis, consider what form of cannabis you want to consume; bongs are for flower cannabis and herbs, while dab rigs are used to consume concentrates.

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