Different Gadgets You Must Have To Become a YouTuber

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Vlogging in the current digital age is more than just a hobby and many people put a lot of effort, time and money to create some amazing and creative content for their audience. This is only possible if you have the appropriate knowledge, a creative approach and the best quality gear to create the content.

Having the best content does not mean that you have to buy something really huge and with very high specs but you can spend or invest a few hundred dollars and get something that can get you through the process of becoming a YouTuber or Vlogger.

Not every Vlogger or YouTuber out there has some very heavy gear but they a heavy head that gets them to buy some really high-end and special gear for themselves. The secret sauce to the success of many people on YouTube is that they concentrate more on the content and use a very reasonable gear for themselves. There are a lot of equipment that you can buy online on Amazon using a secure and high-speed internet connection using Grande internet services and make your shopping experience even better.

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To start, let’s have a look at the different gadgets that you can use and make your user experience even better: PFA Pipe Fittings

Panasonic Full HD Video Camera Camcorder HC-V180K

This is one of the best camcorders that you can use for Vlogging and comes with a 50X and 90X Optical Zoom. It uses a 28mm wide-angle lens that becomes more convenient if you want to capture a group of images even if you are in small a space when you are covering events like weddings, reunions and vacations.

The Back Side Illumination Sensor has a large effective area that suppresses noise even when you are shooting in dim light and has some really creative controls that adds filters so that you can add up filters like 8mm Movie, Time-Lapse Recording and add more meaning to your HD recordings.

To make sure that your sound stays aligned with your videos, the 2-channel zoom microphone does the magic for you and automatically adjusts the recording volume no matter it is high or low to the camcorder’s active zooming capability. This creates crisp and clear audio for your video footage

Amazon Ratings: 4.4

Panasonic Full HD Video Camera Camcorder HC-V180K

The camcorder gets you a 30x Optical / 60x Clear Image Zoom and gets you closer footage. Also, to make sure that you get the best results, it uses a 26.8mm wide-angle ZEISS Lens. It has a built-in USB cable that makes charging the device and transferring files very convenient for you. You can automatically let the camera find the subject’s face and enhance the voice with noise reduction along with 7 picture effects that look good on your video and pictures.

One of the things about this camcorder is that it does not use an external microphone and can be charged using a USB. For vloggers, this might be a pretty decent camcorder to work with.

Amazon Ratings: 4.5

Logitech Webcam C920S HD Pro with Privacy Shutter

This is one of the webcams that can get you a full HD video for recording and conducting video calls. To get this done, it uses a glass lens that can get you recorded videos that are crisp and have vibrant colors.

Apart from that, the Webcam gets you auto-focus and light correction that can help you enjoy HD videos no matter where you are which makes you get the best results. The cam has a privacy shutter that gets you to control anything that you want to show or protect with a fitted cover and for connectivity, it uses a 5 feet cable. The audio quality offered by the came is very outstanding and uses dual mics that can capture your sound naturally and without any interruptions when you are on a call or recording a video.

Amazon Rating: 4.7

Logitech Brio 4K Webcam

This is one of the high-end webcams that provides Ultra 4K HD resolution results that is 4 times the resolution of the other webcams available in the market today. It gets your recipients the best and crisp video result. Also, it helps you enjoy a professional experience when it comes to engaging users on a conference call.

The cam also uses HDR technology that shows you in the best light conditions. This means you get amazing results if you experience low-lighting or if you have a backlit setting. The mic used in the cam is called the Dual Omni-directional mic technology that suppresses the background sound so that you are audible to other people.

 One of the best things about this device is that it comes with a privacy shade that you can flip up or down for added security and privacy. The devices it works for include Chrome OS, Mac, Windows and other popular streaming and calling devices and platforms.  

Amazon Rating: 4.6

Huawei P30 Lite

If you are someone on a tight budget then this is a good phone that you can use for making your Vlogs usingLeica lenses and record brighter and wider videos that is rarely available in any other phone on the market. It comes with image stabilization that helps you create a good composition and it will give you a more amazing output if you attach the same to a tripod or a gimbal device. This will add more to the video quality and the footages that you want to create.

Amazon Rating: 4.2

The iPhone 12

This is one of the best phones that you can use to create your Vlogs if you can invest more and get some amazing footage as the output. The phone has an ultra-wide camera that is best to get you more light and create the best pictures and videos at night or in other low-light situations. This is one of the best phones for travel Vlogger you can use the night mode and time-lapse video that can get you light trails and other amazing motion when you mount the phone on a tripod.

Amazon Rating: 4.2

In the end, one can say that when you are looking forward to starting your own Vlog. The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you don’t have to always go for something pricey to create a good Vlog, but need to have a big idea and a creative instinct to use anything that you have to create good thumbnails and creative footages.

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