Discover the magic of the Manaslu and Langtang Himalayas in 2024


Nepal, cradled in the mighty Himalayas, unveils its secrets through two enchanting treks—the Manaslu Circuit Trek and the Langtang Valley Trek.

Manaslu Circuit Traveling is situated in a restricted area of Nepal close to the Tibetan Line.  If you have a dream to immerse yourself in the magic of the Manaslu and Langtang Himalayas, let’s proceed to tailor the trip. 

Mount Manaslu is the eighth-highest mountain in the world, at 8,163 meters (26,781 ft) above sea level. Let’s embark on this journey of contrasts and discover their unique magic.

Langtang Valley is found north of Kathmandu, close to the line with Tibet. The valley is overwhelmed by the area’s most noteworthy peak, Langtang Lirung (7246 m), and is one of the most famous journeying courses.

It’s one of the popular trekking routes that offers the stunning scenery of numerous peaks with hidden Tamang culture. The Langtang region is probably the finest and most acceptable trekking region for beginner travelers and families too. In any case, assuming you’re searching for low elevation and the least demanding journeying in Nepal, we would exceptionally favor the Langtang area journey in Nepal.


  • Distance: 180 km through-hike from Machhakola to Dharapani
  • Days required: 12 days
  • Total Incline: (with undulation) 11,000 m
  • Total Decline (with undulation): 9,800 m
  • The highest point on the trek was 5200 m, which was just above the Larke Pass (Larkya La Pass) on day 11.
  • Difficulty: This trek was much harder than the Everest Base Camp Trek, as it was 30% longer, much steeper, and less commercialized. Having said that, it was basic walking, and there was nothing technical. Our longest day was 27 km with 1600 m of incline. 

If you can handle the altitude of 5,200 m and can walk each day for 6–10 hours, you will be fine on this trek. The acclimatization profile was very good, as you have 11 days to reach the highest point, so it eases you into it.

  • Permits: Your tour operator will take care of these in each town, and for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, it isn’t possible to hike independently. You must hike with a guide, and there must be at least two people in your group, as well as the guide.

Untouched wilderness with charming hiddenTamang culture

The Manaslu Circuit Trek, spanning 13 days, begins at Machha Khola and ends at Besisahar. Optionally, you can extend it to 20 days by venturing into the mystical Tsum Valley. 

Traverse low landscapes, gorges, and waterfalls along the Budhi Gandaki River, gradually ascending to the mesmerizing Larkya La Pass (5,106 meters). Encounter abundant mountains, diverse flora, and wildlife, leaving an indelible mark on your heart.

Cultural and Natural Encounters of the Himalayas, Nepal

Manaslu region is one of the most beautiful restricted trekking regions in Nepal and is filled with elements of nature and culture.

The most prominent are the monasteries in the Sama and Samdo villages, where guests can observe the local monks performing Buddhist ceremonies and practices. Interact with warm-hearted locals, share stories over cups of tea, and witness centuries-old traditions.

The Larke Pass Challenge is fascinating.

The trek culminates at the Larke Pass (Larkya La), a high-altitude crossing at 5,200 meters. The ascent is both exciting and demanding. Imagine sipping hot chai with a crackling.

When you attain this pass, you’ll be very excessive up in the mountains, and the views are especially beautiful. If you have in no way been to excessive mountains, let’s make a diagram to discover the magic of the Manaslu and Langtang Himalayas in 2024/2025.

Local Teahouse Hospitality

Teahouses dot the trail, offering warmth, sustenance, and camaraderie. Imagine sipping warm chai with the aid of a crackling fire, swapping memories with fellow trekkers from around the globe. 

Along the trekking route, you’ll locate tea homes and homestays that supply cozy lodging and nearby meals. These humble accommodations turn out to be your sanctuaries, the place worn-out muscle tissue locates respite and friendships blossom.

You will have to create an unforgettable experience throughout the Manaslu trek and find the isolated peace trek in Nepal.

Langtang Valley Trek


Distance: 77 km, or 48 miles

Days required: 9 days, including 2 days of transit to and from Kathmandu (7 days of trekking).

Total Incline: 4000 meters

Total Decline: 4000 meters


The absolute best factor on the trek: from Kyanjin Gompa, you can attain Kyanjin Ri (4,773 m) or Tserko Ri (5,033 mAdditionally, you can climb Yala Peak from Kyanjin Gompa, which has an altitude of 5,500 m.


Difficulty: The Langtang Valley Trek is much shorter than Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna Circuit, although relatively similar. You will reach an altitude of 5000 m, which will challenge many. Altitude sickness can be common. 

The route ascends quite quickly, with several days having more than 1000 m of altitude gain. These days of ascent are tiring and also require the body to adjust quickly. It is a good beginner trek in Nepal, but not one to be taken lightly.

Key points of Langtang Valley

  • This circuit is way less swarmed than the Everest Headquarters Journey or the Annapurna Circuit. It is growing in popularity, but it’s still a great time to trek this circuit before it hits the mainstream.
  • The trailhead can be reached by car, so there is no need to pay for expensive domestic flights.
  • I think it is important to base in Kyanjin Gompa for at least three nights so you can hike up to Kyanjin Ri and Tserko Ri, which are the highlights of the trip.

Valley of Glaciers:

The Langtang Valley, north of Kathmandu, is a hidden treasure. Snow-capped peaks—Langtang Ri, Langtang, Langrisa, and Ganjala Peak—paint a breathtaking canvas.

Warm-hearted Tamang locals welcome you, sharing their culture and stories. The valley’s glaciers and alpine meadows create a jaw-dropping panorama. As you step into Langtang, the air changes—a symphony of pine-scented whispers. The valley cradles you, its ancient rocks echoing tales of yaks, yetis, and lost kingdoms.

The Langtang River dances alongside, its turquoise waters reflecting the towering peaks above.

Local Tamang Hospitality

The Tamang people, resilient and kind, welcome you. Their faces are etched by mountain winds, and their smiles are like sunbeams breaking through monsoon clouds. This ethnic group has brilliant cultures, festivals, uniforms, and customs. 

The Langtang region is more than 70% overcast by Tamang people, and they have been following Buddhism. Moreover, it has its own mother tongue, local cuisine, dress code, and instruments too. In their homes, you sip butter tea, listen to folk songs, and learn the rhythm of their lives.

Rhododendron Forests

The trail meanders through rhododendron forests—a riot of crimson and pink. These ancient blooms guard secrets—the footsteps of sages, the whispers of yetis. As you ascend, the forest thins, revealing snow-draped giants—the Langtang Ri, the Ganesh Himal, and the Langrisa.

Gosaikunda Lake:

A pilgrimage within a trek, Gosaikunda Lake shimmers like a sapphire. The legend says Lord Shiva created it with his trident. As you stand on its shores, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, you sense the divine pulse—the heartbeat of the Himalayas. 

Gosainkunda Lake is one of the most famous locations for home and global travelers. Furthermore, Langtang whispers to your soul. It says, “You are small, yet part of something vast. You are fleeting, yet eternal.” And so you walk—through forests, over bridges, past yak pastures—leaving footprints on its ancient stones.

Choose your adventure in Nepal with the Nepal High Trek Team.

Both treks have their allure.

Manaslu Circuit Trek: It’s bodily challenging, it rewards you with untouched landscapes and the thrill of conquering Larkya La Pass. 

Langtang Valley Trek: It’s one of the easiest, yet equally captivating, it immerses you in the valley’s herbal splendor and warm hospitality.

Lastly, discover the magic of the Manaslu and Langtang Himalayas with the local expert travel company and leave your footprint on the land of the Himalayas. Nepal High Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted travel agency in Nepal and has been providing impeccable services and courteous hospitality to make your trip successful in the field of Nepalese. So book your trip with us confidently.


What is the best time for the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is appropriate to go for any time round the year; however, to break out the threat of blockades from blizzards and intense cold, it is no longer endorsed to go for Manaslu Circuit Trek at some stage in winter. Instead, autumn and spring would be the pleasant seasons to go for this trek for the reason that, with the clear climate and ideal scenery, you can additionally revel in the blossoms of Rhododendron flora of a number of species alongside different vegetation.

Can I do the Manaslu Circuit trek alone?

Current Nepali government regulations do not allow you to trek the Manaslu Circuit alone due to the sensitive geo-position of the trek regions. You cannot apply for the restricted region permit alone. 

How high is Manaslu?

Mt. Manaslu is 8,163 meters above sea level. At the same time, the highest point during the Manaslu Circuit Trek is Larkya La (pass) at 5,106 meters.

When is the best time for the Langtang Trek?

The best time to visit Langtang Valley Trek in Nepal is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. The favorable warm climate during spring and autumn helps trekkers walk easily while hiking, and the spectacular view makes the journey memorable.

Where is the Langtang Valley Trek located?

The Langtang Valley Trek is located in Nepal. This trek happens in a place called Langtang National Park, up in the northern part of Nepal, close to the border with Tibet.

How long is the Langtang Trek?

The Langtang Valley Trip is a somewhat simple journey and is frequently less occupied than other famous journeys in Nepal. The trip should be possible in seven days; notwithstanding, it typically requires 10 to 12 days.

What is Langtang National Park famous for?

The expansive high meadows of Langtang provide the summer habitat for numerous ungulate species like musk deer and Himalayan tahr. The park is also famous for its populations of red panda, Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, wild dog, ghoral, serow, and over 250 bird species.

Is there any risk of getting altitude sickness?

Yes, there is a possibility of getting an elevation disorder as you will travel over 3000 meters. Every individual responds contrastingly to the elevation, no matter what their actual wellness is.

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