Earth Tones, Exaggerated Patterns, Historic Scenery, or Natural Vistas; Wallpaper is not only Four Walls.

art deco wallpaper

Darker shades on your ceilings are conducive to an intimate and restful feel. Vibrant colours can intensify attention to detail, and increase creativity and productivity. Reflective and pale colours make small spaces look larger and feel merry.

The depth to which you would like to accentuate a feeling or style in a given room depends only on your creativity. Step into a new impression from room to room or a single-designed environment in your home. Consider these ideas;

  • Textured, contrasting, classic, luxurious, modern, and fabulous; any design of Art Deco wallpaper will transform a single wall or accent space. It can redefine an entire room. 
  • A scenic mural can expand a small space with the appearance of a garden, orchard, or river vista. A wall between two windows extends the open-air impression. 
  • Neutral tones, as previously discussed, increase comfort. Our brain perceives brown and green as natural. Our eyes see more shades of green than any other colour. 
  • Floral prints are a perennial classic that playfully brings drama or a historic notion to a room. The caution with florals is to keep the furniture and furnishings simple to avoid over-ornamentation. 
  • Maximalism and minimalism can be isolated to their extremes or used in brilliant contrast.
  • Minimalist wallpaper can be a single branch or vine winding through a home or a large stark geometric shape. 
  • The maximalist design would include a unique showcase of the residents and what they represent. This style declares ownership. 
  • Applied in the contrast of a bold red rug in a room with geometric repetition on the walls the space becomes a natural conversation area, where hours disappear.
  • To include wallpaper in my design and decor would demand the use of texture. Texture can control the sound in a room, the temperature, and rustic simplicity. Currently, the big texture trend is on ceilings, for the same reasons as above. It is a unique application with great variety.
  • Bold stripes cause a polar opposite effect as floral prints. This design tends to shrink a room. Pick your furnishings cautiously to avoid contrast. 

No matter what you choose, digital printing technology advancements have brought new levels of personalized choices in design. Pick a famous venue of your most whimsical desire and create a theatrical scene in your carport, if you like. 

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