Emberify: 7 Authentic Ways to Make Meaningful Connections on Instagram

Emberify 7 Authentic Ways to Make Meaningful Connections on Instagram

Instagram is a versatile social media application. It is not only meant for photo sharing, grasping trends, and following favorite celebrities but a fantastic tool for networking. 

Though there are many conventional networking sites, Instagram is a great way to connect with people all over the world organically. Notably, the core purpose of Instagram is to connect, interact and collaborate with like-minded individuals. So, why not use it to accomplish your goal? 

Whether you are a creator, influencer, or marketer, you can leverage Instagram to grow your network and make the most out of it. Whatever the goal, focus on increasing instagram video views as it helps reach tons of people in a single platform. All right! Now is the time to discover simple ways to create a real connection with people via Instagram. Let’s get started! 

#1 Take Advantage of DM Feature 

Direct Messages (DM) are one of the effective features of Instagram commonly used to communicate with one or more people. The message can be in any format like text, pictures, or GIFs that makes your chat interactive. Moreover, you can share posts that you like with your beloved ones. 

Make use of this opportunity to begin your conversation with the person or brand that shares your similar interests. If you are inspired by their posts, share your thoughts on them. Otherwise, ask questions in a pleasant way to clear your queries without bothering you. Consequently, you will receive a reply back from the respective profile owner. This way, you can enhance your network and expand your circle promptly. 

#2 Hop on Comment Section

‘Comments’ is the most happening part of the Instagram platform these days. Yes, whenever a post is shared, the audience starts sharing their POV (point of view) in the comment section, as it is accessible to everyone.

Keep in mind that one can comment on a public post even if not following the respective profile. So search for reputed brands or popular personalities and engage with them through the comment section. Instead of mentioning usual comments like ‘Hi’, ‘1st comment’, or ‘Nice post,’ go with remarkable comments that make you stand out from the crowd. So there are more possibilities for getting noticed by them and joining hands with them for the long term. 

#3 Join Instagram Groups 

There are tons of niche-based Groups available on Instagram. In addition, like-minded individuals who are interested in similar niches create Groups or Communities to share posts or discuss a specific topic. 

Spend time picking the Groups that suit your audience base and share your works right there. So the people interested in your content will visit your profile to gather more information. Also, those viewers may turn into your loyal followers. So it will reflect on your network growth, right? 

#4 Land on the ‘Explore’ Page to Discover People 

Explore page is a crucial part of Instagram that showcases posts highly engaged by users in a short period of time. With a clear understanding of this, creators strive hard to bring out content that keeps audiences engaged. 

Luckily, if your content reaches Explore page, more Instagrammers will view your post and navigate to your profile to take further action. Now all you need to do is craft valuable content that interests your audience and may go viral on Instagram. It is recommended to take advantage of Emberify to boost engagement and increase the chance of landing on Explore page. 

Another best way is to use relevant hashtags for discovering people. It is capable of taking your content in front of more viewers. You could add up to 30 hashtags in the caption space in each piece of content. You shall add low, medium, and high-performance hashtag combinations to yield better results. 

#5 Add ‘Tag People’ in Your Content 

‘Tag Your Friends’ is one of the common terms that you come across while scrolling through the Instagram application. However, many users think that it is unnecessary right there. That’s wrong! Tagging people have a significant impact on the growth of your profile. 

Do you think that is possible? Fine! Consider if your friend or partner mentions your profile in their content. Then, the audience of their profile will come to know about you and go through your profile. As a result, the number of followers will be increased gradually. Being a content creator, it is a good practice to add CTA (Call-to-Action) like ‘Tag Friends’, and ‘Tag Your Partner’ in the comment section,. This will encourage your audience to mention people, thus bringing more new users to your Instagram account. 

#6 Follow Instagram Accounts

Social media experts adapt a secret technique to develop their profiles with more followers. It is nothing but hunting for top-notch Instagram profiles, and do follow them at regular intervals. 

It’s a simple process, isn’t it? The profile can be anything related to your niche, people who interest you, companies that you are inspired by, and so on. This way, you can not only find people who you may be interested in but also grow your network when they follow you back. Further, avail the support of Emberify to increase your followings and strengthen your online presence. 

#7 Engage With Your Own Audience 

If you want to build relationships on a social platform like Instagram, then you must value your audience. Apart from all the above aspects, it would help if you keep an eye on your profile to check whether your audience has engaged with your content or not. 

Turn on notifications on your Instagram account and often monitor your DMs, comment section, requests section, etc., then respond or reply back to your audience with the essential information. Kick away the negative comments and focus only on what helps you the best to grow your audience. 

Wrapping Up 

In a nutshell, Instagram is a vast landscape where authentic networking is possible when you implement ideal strategies. So, consider all the proven ways mentioned above to make meaningful connections on Instagram. Then, share your thoughts regarding this article in the comments section. 

Good luck establishing your network with genuine people via Instagram! 

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