Enhance Your Lawn with Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Does it seem hot in here to you, or is it just these sweltering summers? It’s hot out, and while you may be making some concessions in how you spend your summer months, you don’t have to sacrifice your green lawn. The solution doesn’t require extra funds for your water bills, in fact, it contributes to saving money for lawn care. I’m talking about artificial grass.

Having a lush lawn to enjoy no matter the season, with the same look and feel of a grown lawn might sound impossible. Sparse rain, not enough sun, or too much sun, and your poor yard is done for. A uniting battle against the elements to rescue our lawns has brought us to create a low-maintenance solution. One that is safe for children and pets, making it perfect for every outdoor activity.

Originally, manufactured turf was almost exclusively used for sports. First used in 1964, it wasn’t until 1966 that stadiums and venues began using artificial lawns for the fields their teams play on. For many years it seemed to remain primarily a professional or school-level sports-related solution to green grass for every season. 

Now over ten thousand playing fields use the material in place of natural grass, giving their teams enduring turf to play and practice on. Sports such as football and baseball make use of artificial lawns as some may already know, but it can also be found used on tennis courts, around motor-sports tracks, and even on rugby fields.

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How Can Grass Be Artificial?

If you’re like me and grew up in a state that is more land than people, you may find yourself wondering how you could have a lawn made of anything but grass we see grow everywhere else. For many people living in sizzling climates like California, Texas, or Florida, however, having an artificial turf can save both your wallet and your sanity. No more waking up before the sun to turn on sprinklers, or walking around in flip flops with night on the way, dragging a heavy hose around, all in a vague hope to keep your grass healthy.

I have many memories of my family trying in vain to get a full, green lawn, even in our moderate climate. My grandmother would be up before the rest of the family to go outside and turn on the water before the sun got too high. Still, we had a few spots that were too shady, or where our dog frequently chose to use the bathroom, and the grass simply stayed yellow or straw-like. 

Using recycled materials, like those found in water bottles and plastic bags, a look and texture of full, green grass is produced. This can give the appearance of a healthy lawn year-round, without the frequent watering, and absolutely no mowing. You read that correctly! That means no lawn-mower-related expenses, either. No need for gas or oil to keep a mower running, no maintenance for the mower’s motor or blades. 

No more weekends starting with an early morning mower ride. Sleep in, have your coffee, and enjoy your time off instead. Your lawn will be just as beautiful, without any extra effort.

Unexpected Pest Control

Another important factor to consider with manufactured turf is that it doesn’t support pests like bugs or rodents. Never growing tall enough to encourage field mice to make a home in your lawn, or worse, your home, you no longer have to fret that the weather will bring in uninvited guests. Dandelions will not appear as a death sentence for your pristine lawn, snakes won’t want to wander through your property and hungry insects will have no interest in taking up residence in the artificial grass in your yard. 

The Process

Sourcing the proper plastics from recycling, artificial grass can even be made from itself. Sporting stadiums will tear up old turf for a fresh field, and what gets removed gets reused for new lawns. These blades of artificial grass are woven into a base material that allows liquid, like rain, to filter through. This also helps with keeping the artificial grass clean of other liquids like pet urine. 

You’ve Seen Its Performance

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve likely seen artificial lawn in its most popular applications: football fields. You can read here about how it stands up to pro athletes, as it does in major stadiums across our country, so you can safely bet it will hold up to your kids’ rough-housing and will be unaffected by your pets doing their business. Play some backyard football, see if you can win a race against your dog, or just spread out a blanket for a stay-cation-style picnic with the family. 

The recycled materials used to create artificial lawns can be easily cared for no matter your area’s climate and weather. Artificial lawns will stay vibrant and full no matter what nature brings your way. Keeping your lawn clean is easy with a few simple little tricks, like the suggestions here;  https://www.almostgrass.com/cleaning-artificial-grass-with-vinegar/

Now that you know you don’t have to slave away at constant lawn care to have a yard worthy of entertaining and enjoying, you’re free to make plans! Find your pup a fancy dog house for the backyard, set up the grill for a last-minute get-together, and install that swing set for the kids, your artificial lawn won’t mind.

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