Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Caravan

Buying a Caravan

Whether you are from a caravanning family and are looking forward to investing in your very own as an adult, or else you have never owned a caravan before or maybe have never even slept in one, you are in for an absolute treat.

There are numerous fabulous advantages to a caravanning break over other types of vacations, so, to help you find the perfect style of a caravan for you is everything you need to know about buying a caravan. 

  1. Caravans Come in 3 Different Styles

There are three fundamentally different styles of caravans; static caravans, motorhomes, and touring caravans, each with its own specifications and fulfilling different wants and needs of the owner.

Motorhomes are possibly the easiest and most convenient choice for going on vacation and have the added benefit of not requiring a towbar attached to your car. Motorhomes are considerably more expensive than static and touring caravans and require a similar type of insurance as normal cars.

Static caravans are not towable and are a smaller version of a vacation home which is permanently set up in the destination of your choice. Static caravans have considerably more space, so are perfect if you have a larger family or pets and never require extra cost considerations for fuel. 

Touring caravans are much smaller than both statics and motorhomes and require minimal levels of maintenance, as well as low storage costs. Touring caravans are often substantially cheaper than the other styles of caravan and can be transported relatively easily between one camping location and another. 

  1. Caravans Always Cost More Than You Think

As with most other things in modern life, however much time and effort you spend in planning your budget and researching, getting your new caravan on the road and ready for your first road trip will always cost more than you think. One way around this is by applying for a caravan loan in Australia. One such option is to apply online for caravan financing from a reputable and established financier to help you afford your dream caravan. 

In addition to the initial outlay for the caravan itself, there are also other financial considerations to bear in mind, such as:

  • Annual servicing 
  • Tow bar (one-off fee)
  • Fuel supplies
  • Quality security tools and equipment
  • Caravan insurance 
  1. Second-Hand Caravans

Just as when you choose to purchase a second-hand car over a brand new one which hasn’t even been driven off the forecourt yet, the former is substantially cheaper, yet comes with a much higher level of risk in terms of quality assurance. 

Caravans are the same and if you have already set your heart on the style and aesthetic appearance of a caravan in which you are most interested, it is most certainly worth starting to browse the second-hand market.

When you are attending an appointment for a viewing of a second-hand caravan, there are numerous things that you must look out for, including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Ensure that a detailed service history is provided in document form
  • Ensure each window catch is present and works properly
  • Ensure the vehicle ID number is provided with the sale
  • Ensure to thoroughly check and examine each tyre
  1. Consider Caravan Storage

If you have decided to invest in a static caravan, then this next point is not a consideration for you. However, for touring caravans and motorhomes, you must also organize a place to safely and securely the vehicle when not in use.

Fortunately, there are several options, including storing the caravan at your private home, either in a garage or on the drive, pitching your caravan on a seasonal pitch for certain months of the year, investing in a storage facility, or else privately paying for an unregistered field near your home. 

  1. Always Invest in Comprehensive Caravan Insurance

Finally, again just as you do with your car or van, it is essential, not to mention a non-negotiable legal requirement, for you to insure your caravan. 

It would be sensible to acquire more than one insurance quote before sealing the deal and purchasing your new caravan, as insurance varies greatly depending on the year of manufacture and other elements. 

Remember to research different caravan insurers to find the best insurance quote and opt for extra contents insurance, especially if you plan to leave belongings inside your caravan permanently. 

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