Everything You Need to Know About Using Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish

What adds colour to the everyday chaos? A little stroke of nail paint with some extra glitters! Be it your regular manicure or a funky party preparation, getting gel polish online or from a store is mandatory.

A well-done nail can uplift your mood and add a style statement to your looks. However, girls are very impulsive in choosing their nail colours, which can land their nails in trouble. So go ahead and read everything about purchasing gel nail polish and using them wisely.

Step-By-Step Process of Using Gel Nail Polish

Usually, when you purchase a gel polish, it does not come with a proper manual. Meanwhile, there are very brands that keep their products beginner-friendly. However, if you are new to using gel nail polish, this procedure will help you get the best out of it.

Shape Your Nails

The first step is to cut your nails in a neat shape and file them evenly. And you can get the best outcome if you go for curved edges instead of cornered ones.

Pamper Your Cuticles

If you know the tools used in applying gel nail polish like a pro, you will be familiar with a cuticle pusher. It looks like a toothpick with a chiselled end that helps push back the cuticles.

So apply some cuticle oil to promote the healthy growth of your nails. Moreover, this oil also helps in keeping your tissues hydrated.


Not many people know the importance of buffing, but it can keep your layer long-lasting. Besides, buffing is the solution if you are disappointed with the layers not sitting well.

Clean Nails, Green Nails

It is essential to cleanse your nails well for a durable coat. Also, remnants of dust and impurities can cause infection in your cuticles.

Back to Base

Make sure your base coat is clean and has a good gel nail polish. Also, it is essential to cure every coat under the UV lamp instead of coating quickly.

The Last Step

This is where you add a proper coat of gel nail polish and cure it. Also, remember to add two coating after the base coat for a durable layer.

So, are you still wondering what the big deal is about gel nail polishes? The secret is spilled in the next section.

Why Are People Crazy About Gel Polish?

Gel polishes are trendy among millennials and GenZ because of the vast palette they offer. However, the most loved advantage of these nail paints is their longevity. And you will be surprised to know that these coatings can last for more than 2-3 weeks.

All you need to do is look after the coating and your nails properly. Apart from this, you would love to know that you can paint your acrylic nails too. Meanwhile, these nail paints are not messy because of their quick drying time.

Due to quick-drying, they are tough to get chipped, and what else would you want apart from this? Moreover, it has another advantage over acrylic nails that makes it preferable: gel polishes give a rugged yet natural look to your nails.

With such a detailed guide, you are ready to become an expert in gel nail polish application. And if you ever feel concerned about the quality of your nails, then you can blindly purchase gel polish online.

These are perfect for the money you invest and maintain the health of your nails. As such, gel polishes protect the nails from minute dust and grainy particles.

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