Everything You Should Know About Maintaining and Ensuring Cleanliness of Sex Toys

Sex Toys

The sex toy market is booming, estimated to exceed $40 billion and possibly surpass $75 billion by 2030. From individuals to couples, across generations, everyone is engaging in this industry, with research even indicating health benefits associated with sex toys.

Despite this surge, the safety of sex toys isn’t always a primary concern, but experts emphasize it should be. Unlike FDA or Consumer Product Safety Commission oversight, the sex toy industry lacks regulation, leaving no specific entity to ensure their safety. Given their intimate use, it’s essential to safeguard oneself while enjoying the pleasures sex toys offer. Here are five crucial safety guidelines for informed sex toy consumers. If you want to buy some safe to use sex toys, welcome to pick your favorite sex toys on rosetoystore website.

Understand the Materials Used in Your Toys

While scientific studies on the safety of sex toy materials are scarce, there are certain materials consumers may wish to avoid.

Some toys contain phthalates, chemicals present in certain plastics. These substances have been prohibited in children’s toys and pacifiers due to potential hormonal disruption, as indicated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to the FDA, the impact of phthalates on human health remains unclear. However, if you’ve chosen to steer clear of them in other areas of your life, like cosmetics, it’s important to note they might be present in your sex toys.

Numerous products claim to be phthalate-free, but without industry regulation, there’s no external validation of these assertions. It’s crucial to consider whether your toys have a soft, jelly-like texture, as phthalates are often used as softeners. Such chemicals are more commonly found in squishier toys crafted from porous materials.

Porous sex toys also have an increased likelihood of transmitting infections.

Regularly Cleanse — and Thoroughly Dry — Your Sex Toys

Regularly Cleanse

Consistent cleaning is crucial. Sex toys should be sanitized after every use and in between different partners.

You might be aware that engaging in sexual activity heightens the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women. What might not be as evident is that the bacteria responsible for UTIs reside in the area surrounding the anus. Sexual activities can facilitate the migration of these bacteria into a woman’s urethra, leading to infection. 

Maintaining stringent genital hygiene is key in preventing UTIs, which includes ensuring that anything in contact with sensitive areas remains as germ-free as possible. Planned Parenthood emphasizes the need to thoroughly cleanse anything that touches or enters the anus — be it a finger, penis, or sex toy — before coming into contact with other genital areas.

Sex toys have the potential to spread infections, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as they can harbor bacteria and viruses. I recall a case where a patient kept experiencing recurring trichomoniasis, a common curable STI, and couldn’t understand why. It was discovered that she wasn’t cleaning her toy properly, essentially reinfecting herself with every vibrator use.

Similar occurrences have been observed, among clients facing recurrent yeast infections.

Furthermore, sex toys may accumulate dust and particles during storage.

Refer to your toy’s manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions. Some toys are dishwasher-safe, for instance.

Most products provide detailed washing guidelines. However, if you’re unsure about your toy’s care instructions, cleansing it with warm soapy water is a suitable starting point.

Also, remember to adequately dry them, as moisture can lead to mold growth.

Think about Using a Condom for Added Infection Protection

When sharing toys with a partner, it’s advisable to use condoms on phallic-shaped toys. Despite thorough cleaning efforts, there remains a risk of infection transmission. An investigation discovered traces of the human papillomavirus on vibrators even after a full day post-use and cleaning.

Remember to replace the condom if different body parts are going to interact with the toy, such as switching from oral to vaginal use, for instance.

Follow the Instructions and Avoid Household Substitutes for Sex Toys

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the instructions when you acquire a new sex toy. If you’re new to using sex toys, take it slow and stop if anything feels uncomfortable. It’s strongly advised to refrain from using household items as sex toys, as it can lead to complications. Some patients have experienced issues after using items like cucumbers and bananas, as reported.

Using cell phones set on vibrate or electric toothbrushes as sex toys can also pose risks. Improperly encased batteries might result in chemical reactions or other adverse effects.

Moreover, food items tend to be porous, carrying bacteria that could potentially lead to infections.


As the sex toy industry continues to grow exponentially, it’s crucial to prioritize personal health and well-being when engaging in intimate activities. Understanding the materials used in these products, maintaining rigorous cleansing routines, and being cautious with usage are fundamental aspects to consider.

Regular cleaning and proper drying of sex toys are paramount in preventing potential infections and maintaining genital hygiene. Adhering to specific care instructions provided by manufacturers or resorting to gentle, warm soapy water for cleansing is advisable. Additionally, using condoms on toys, especially when shared between partners, helps minimize the risk of infection transmission.

It’s equally essential to avoid substituting household items for sex toys, as they may cause complications and health risks. Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines, taking time to adjust to new toys, and being attentive to any discomfort or irregularities are key practices in ensuring safe and pleasurable experiences.

Ultimately, as the market expands and evolves, it’s crucial for consumers to remain vigilant, opt for reputable manufacturers, and make informed choices about their sexual well-being. Prioritizing safety and cleanliness is a cornerstone for enjoying the benefits that sex toys offer while minimizing potential health risks associated with their usage.

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