Four major factors affecting the price of used cars

used cars

Many owners of used cars have a question: Why is the car in good condition, and the price of 70% of the new car in only two or three years is half lower than when it was bought? Why did the interior decoration and refitting at their own expense not increase the price, but became the reason for the purchaser to lower the price? For these problems, the old car market veterans of the explained in detail the reasons: And also recommended checking used car like HONDA CIVIC. Now we discuss four factors affecting the price of used cars. 

The color determines the price of used cars 

For a used car sold, the size of the market is also a factor that directly affects the price of the car. In addition, the color of the car and the number of license plates are also valued by second-hand car dealers.

Mr. Kew hoong, a second-hand car dealer, said that different cars have different specialties, such as commercial cars. Dark blue is the more popular model, while dark green and red models are obviously unsalable; usually, silver-gray and black cars are the most popular. The license plate number is also attracting attention from buyers. Especially in Guangdong, if several “8” license plates are connected, under the same brand and vehicle conditions, it will be 1,000 to 3,000 RM higher than other license plates.

Historical records affect car prices

When trading, the price of used cars is not transparent, and there are even multiple versions. In this regard, car owners who intend to sell their vehicles should keep an eye on it. Generally speaking, after obtaining vehicle source information, second-hand car dealers will quickly get in touch with car owners to make purchases. One of the major factors affecting the purchase price is the condition of the car. The personnel responsible for the collection of the car in the car dealer will carefully check the appearance of the car for scratches and whether it has been hit by the car. If there has been an accident and the beam has been injured, then this car The price of the car will fall sharply.

For less popular models, the quotations of different car dealers will be very different. In fact, this assessment price cannot be used as a reference for actual transactions in the second-hand car market. The so-called appraisal price is an appraisal made by the government on each car through the trading market in order to prevent both parties from misreporting the transaction price and causing tax losses.

Modified cars affect prices

According to the law, no unit or individual is allowed to assemble a motor vehicle or change the registered structure, structure or characteristics of a motor vehicle without authorization. At the same time, if the vehicle is modified by itself so that the model does not match the vehicle’s factory technical parameters, the vehicle will not be transferred.

As far as the actual situation is concerned, most owners of modified cars currently modify according to their own preferences. However, if the equipment added after the modification of the vehicle has an accident, the insurance company will not pay compensation; at the same time, second-hand car dealers are purchasing such models. At this time, you have to take a certain risk. Therefore, a second-hand car that has been refitted more exaggeratedly will not only be evaluated as low in price, but sometimes it is even difficult to find a buyer.

No price increase for retrofitting configuration

Some car owners think that if they have installed DVDs and other configurations on the car, they can also ask the other party to increase the price. As everyone knows, this is also a wrong understanding. For second-hand car dealers, they are most willing to buy untouched vehicles. Therefore, the owner of the added “luxury” equipment is best removed by himself, otherwise he can only sell it with the car as a gift. From the perspective of the car receiver, the car configuration is divided into three categories: safety configuration, comfort configuration and convenience configuration. Generally speaking, the evaluation price of safety configuration is correspondingly higher, and the other two are lower, which may even affect the evaluation of the whole vehicle price.

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