Gadgets You Need To Have To Optimize Your Cooking


Cooking is a fundamental activity that plays a role in survival. Early men learnt how to make a fire after realising that they needed to cook their meat and vegetables. Today, humanity has progressed to the extent that even the fire that cooks our food remains invisible to the eye!

Cooking is also a hobby. While some people cook for consuming food, many people love it as a leisure activity. One can experiment and explore food as a method of alleviating stress. But to experiment and forge new concoctions, modern pieces of equipment are necessary. Many services like BuydeemUS offer the best kitchen equipment that one can get their hands on!

Aussies love to eat! From exquisite seafood to sizzling outback steaks, they never compromise on the quality of food. Cooking in Australia is a popular leisure activity. With the pandemic in place, people retired to the comfort of their homes; and kitchens! Reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show a 71% increase in online cooking websites and food. People aged between 13-24 have even increased the time they devote to cooking!

Why does one need advanced gadgets?

It is no surprise that cooking can be carried out with the most straightforward appliances known to man. Early civilisations used stone to mimic today’s stoves and utensils. As people transformed and upgraded, these vessels started being made of alloy. Typically, cooking vessels can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from boiling to stir-frying. However, there are specific recipes that take more time for preparation if one is using simple utensils.

Types of cooking gadgets

Today, the methods of cooking meat and fish have drastically modernised. Meat can be sous-vide, broiled or braised. Vegetables can be stir-fried, thinly peeled or even made into soup! Coffee can be freshly brewed at home, and people can distil their tea! Popularly, there are five types of products that one can purchase:

  • Countertop Appliances: These are gadgets that are placed on the countertop. It could refer to toasters, electric kettles or coffee brewers. These appliances often focus on external aesthetics as they are the first things people see when they enter a kitchen! These appliances come in a variety of colours to suit the vibe of your kitchen.
  • Cookware: This refers to utensils that are used for cooking. Non-stick pans, ceramic pots and cast iron skillets are a few examples of cookware. Some services include cutlery and glassware in this category as well.
  • Gadgets: Gadgets refer to state-of-the-art appliances that are designed to save time and improve efficiency. This could be a hand blender that instantly froths up your morning coffee, or it could be a mini kettle cooker that can act as a pressure cooker and a boiling kettle!
  • Ingredient Packs: Many services like BuydeemUS offer ingredient packs. These could be flavoured tea or coffee sachets that can just be added to hot water for brewing. Recently, soups have been popularly manufactured as ingredient packs. Scallop soup, water chestnut tremella soup or taro sweet soup—you name it, you got it!
  • Replaceable parts: Since many of these appliances are also made of sensitive materials, they might need replaceable parts. For example, a kettle made of glass or Borosil might develop a crack with rough use. In such cases, instead of replacing the entire kettle, one can opt to re-purchase only the glass kettle! Steaming plates, inner stew pots and kettle mugs are some products that are available for replacement.

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