Guide you to TikTok download video on iOS without watermark

TikTok download video

Whether you are using the international version of the TikTok App (TikTok App) or the Chinese version (TikTok App), there is an option to download videos that are built-in, but the downside is that there will be a watermark on the official TikTok video download.

If you don’t want to have watermark, you can refer to this guide to do how to TikTok download video without watermark on iOS.

How to TikTok Download TikTok videos without watermark on iOS?

If you don’t want the watermark in the upper left corner of the video, you can download TikTok video version without watermark by following the instructions below.

  • Copy the link

First, open the Douyin app, click “Share” in the lower right corner of the video, then select “Copy link”.

  • Open Tikmate website

Then please open Tikmate website, paste the video link you just copied into this field and click the green download icon. You will then see two download sources: Server 01 and Server 02. After selecting it randomly, you can start downloading Douyin videos without watermark to your phone or computer!

  • Save videos (iOS)
  • If you’re an iPhone/iPad like me and use Safari to download, the downloaded video will appear in the built-in “Files app”, which you can watch directly here. Or you may want to ask, can I save videos in the “Photos App”? Of course, click the video first.
  • Then click “Share” in the bottom left corner, then click “Save Video”. This way, the video will be saved in your iOS Photos app.
  • Or you just use TikTok downloader as above (Tikmate, SnapSave, SnapTik, …

Download TikTok Video – Official Method

Generally, the official built-in video download method is to click “Share” in the lower right corner of the video, then select “Save Video”. While it is possible to quickly download videos to your phone this way, there will be a TikTok watermark in the upper left corner.


If you don’t want the official TikTok watermark to appear on the downloaded video, then you can use the website suggested in this article to TikTok download video on iOS version without watermark. The steps are very simple and quick. 

However, you should still respect the copyright and avoid reuploading videos of other creators.

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