Hank Haney: The Bulletproof Method  for Your Shot Slice Fix

Hank Haney

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Golf has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world in recent years. The National Golf Foundation reports 106 million people played or followed golf in 2021. 37.5 million Americans played golf in 2021, with many struggling to control their slice. The slice is a common problem for amateur golfers who do not partake in regular coaching. However, there are a few key methods in which one can fix that. The solution? Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’s former coach, believes he can fix any slice in a few minutes.

Why do You Slice the Ball?

Problems with the grip and swing are common among amateurs who have not received professional coaching. Hank Haney has identified several common mistakes amateur players make that lead to sliced shots. However, from the grip to the swing, Haney believes any slice can be corrected with a few simple training drills. 

Addressing the Ball

Amateur players do not set up with their feet in the correct position. The majority of your weight should move forward onto the balls of your feet and not on your heels. A simple fix recommended by Hank Haney is to address the ball from further away and lean at the waist.

Lighten the Pressure on Your Grip

The PGA reports a common problem for amateur players is gripping the club too tight. Gripping the club too tight pushes your hands into the wrong position when you grip the club. Lightening the grip while making sure your hands are in the right position will help you to cut down on sliced shots. For right-handed players, three knuckles on your right hand should be visible. In addition, your right thumb should slide into the natural crease of your left hand when gripping your club.

Choose the Correct Driver

Hank Haney believes many amateur players choose the wrong driver for their skills. Golf Digest reports the correct driver should:

  • Have an adjustable weight
  • Have a 10 to 11-degree loft
  • Have the correct shaft size for you

Avoid the Figure Eight Swing

The Hank Haney one shotone-shotix begins with learning about how your driver moves during the backswing. Haney believes the majority of players with a slice pick the club up too steeply and create a figure eight when moving through the swing. Instead, Haney explains the club loops at the top of the swing and is brought down over the top of your shoulder. The inside-to-out movement makes it difficult for you to fail to cut across the ball and slice.

Swing Practice

Hank Haney has a swing practice drill that will help you to bring your driver through in a straight line each time. Address the ball with the clubhead in front of the ball on the tee. Use a counter-clockwise movement to bring the club forward until it is over your head. Keeping the swing moving, you should move around the swing until you hit the ball. 

After practicing this, you should start to see an improvement in your swing. Mimic a natural swing by starting with your driver in front of the ball. The second part of the drill includes picking up the club until it is over your head. Finally, complete your swing without the figure-eight movement that produces a slice.

The Bottom Line

Hank Haney’s system for overcoming the slice that affects 90 percent of players includes learning the correct shape. Among the tips Haney reveals during his sessions is to improve hip movement. Your back needs to turn towards your target when moving through the backswing. Haney’s system is simple and provides advice from a source who once coached Tiger Woods. The success rate for the Hank Haney bulletproof swing fix solution is high. Players who do not want to invest in private coaching will benefit from the advice offered by a PGA professional. 

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