Here are the Documents You Need To Bring To a Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested for a crime, timing is of the essence when hiring a criminal lawyer.

Criminal records can not only affect your ability to pursue future opportunities, but you could potentially do time for a crime you did not commit.

If you’re accused of a crime in Los Angeles, it’s time to contact a criminal defense lawyer at Spodek Law Group to represent you. Before your initial meetings, here are some documents you need to have prepared.

Documents To Bring to a Criminal Lawyer

In addition to your personal contact information and form of legal identification, you’ll also need to gather the following paperwork to present to your criminal lawyer.

1.     The Arrest Record and Police File

Anytime you’re arrested, there will be a recording of that arrest created by the police. The arrest record will indicate the date, time, place of arrest, suspected crime, and alleged victims.

The police file will contain the investigation reports, such as interviews, photographs, notes, evidence logs, and any other information obtained and uncovered during the investigation. Your attorney at Spodek Law Group is entitled to see the entire report to help build your case.

2.     Criminal and Medical Records

Your criminal lawyer will need to know the details of any arrests in the past. This information is provided by requesting a copy of your criminal record from the appropriate jurisdictions. Your criminal record contains any crime you’ve been arrested for, any jail or prison time served, and any probation or parole information.

When obtaining criminal records, it’s best to also request copies of your medical records. Any medical conditions that you have or had can work in your favor and be admitted into evidence. Additionally, an attorney will need to know if you were on any medications during the time of arrest that would impair your ability to act or think properly.

3.     All Paper Trails Leading Up To The Alleged Crime

Depending on the nature of the suspected crime, it’s important to keep and submit all paper trails to your attorney. Receipts, tickets, photos, emails, videos, or telephone bills –any piece of evidence that would prove you could not or did not commit the crime. These paper trails are often used in court to prove dishonesty of police or witnesses.

If you do have an alibi, you need these paper trails and any contact information for anyone who can confirm your whereabouts during the time of the alleged crime.


Finding the right criminal lawyer to represent you is critical to your case. That’s why you need to have these documents prepared, in addition to having your story written down in chronological order. During times of extreme stress, it’s easy to forget even the smallest details that can help prove your innocence.

Depending on your unique situation, you’ll also want to create a list of witnesses on your behalf. And a list of anyone who might testify against you with damaging evidence. The more your lawyer at Spodek Law Group knows, the better chance you have of them helping with your case.

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