How an Age Verification Platform Can Protect the Healthcare Industry

Age Verification Platform

Healthcare has a long and illustrious history. The techniques of treating ailments have varied with time.

Technology has taken the healthcare industry to a whole new level. Technology is playing an increasingly important part in its development. It has come a long way from old pharmacology and medical practices to modern-day enhanced medical practices.

Healthcare facilities use high-tech devices to assist with a variety of healthcare treatments. Artificial intelligence (AI), for example, is altering the entire idea of patient care.

One example of an important technological breakthrough in the healthcare industry is the way health records are stored. From manual methods, records can now be stored electronically. Other examples are how information, such as age and address, is verified. The verification of patient information is now made easier through various technological advancements that help create a more accurate process.

Age verification platforms are required for any firm that has an age restriction. It is especially critical in developing industries like healthcare.

While the healthcare business has progressed to a great degree, it is not without flaws. The sector has also faced several obstacles as a result of technological innovation. 

What Is an Age Verification Platform?

In the healthcare industry, some of the services provided or medication dispensed have minimum age requirements. For example, major medical operations cannot be done on a minor without a legal guardian’s consent. This is why an age verification platform is important.

An age verification platform automates the verification process. This allows you to verify someone’s identity without having to look at or go through their physical identification manually. These kinds of identity verification solutions are also a technical security technique that is used to prevent minors from accessing sensitive information, service, or product.

The Need for an Age Verification Platform

The healthcare industry is very vulnerable to attacks and fraud such as data breaches and identity theft. The following are the reasons an age verification platform is essential in the healthcare industry.

Remote Access to Data by Healthcare Facilities Opens the Door to Greater Cyberattacks

Nowadays, staff members work together to provide the best possible care to each patient and this includes keeping patient records confidential. Working remotely from multiple devices, on the other hand, might be problematic because not all gadgets are safe. A hacker may get access to the network and take all of the critical medical data with just one hacked device.

One way to tighten security of these devices is to have a comprehensive age verification system. This layer of security will help lower the danger of cyber threats.

Protection of Patient Records

Antivirus and anti-malware software alone is insufficient. A reliable age verification system can identify and authenticate patient IDs. Therefore it must be implemented in healthcare institutions. To a large extent, powerful age verification solutions remove the danger of identity theft and fraud in the healthcare industry.

Keeping Track of Patients’ Treatments and Records

Maintaining accurate records is an important element of providing safe patient care. Healthcare professionals may manage and access patients more quickly with adequate age and identification and verification procedures. Healthcare workers can have rapid access to a patient’s data by using a digital age verification system to identify them remotely.

Verifying the Patient’s Identity to Ensure Compliance With Regulations

Regulations, especially in the healthcare industry, are tough. Your online age verification systems must properly and consistently prevent minors from gaining access. Regulators have the power to hold your company accountable, and they will.

Regulators agree that just asking, “Are you above a certain age?” is no longer enough. It’s not age verification, and it’s not proof of due diligence. Therefore this necessitates the need for an age verification platform.

How an Age Verification Solution Can Help Healthcare

It Stops Fraud

Due to the failure to authenticate patient age-related information, fraudulent credit card activity and prescription fraud for lifestyle and sexual health drugs can occur. Patients who utilize online and call center prescription services can have their ages verified using the age system.

An age verification platform can also help monitor personal and device activities to defend against fraudulent prescriptions and credit card fraud

It Provides Continuous Authentication

Information security necessitates age verification. An age verification platform prevents unauthorized workers from accessing a patient’s personal information. This helps ensure continuous authentication

It Guarantees That Only Authorized Patients Receive Medications

An authorization document is a comprehensive document that contains the patient’s details. It also contains their payment treatment records. An age verification platform only allows authorized and authenticated customers to utilize prescription services.

It Hastens the Time It Takes to Fill a Prescription

A prescription is a piece of paper on which your doctor puts an order for medicine, which you then hand over to a chemist or pharmacist to get. Since the patient is passed by the age verification platform this helps provide a quick response on prescriptions for the verified patients

Ensures That Medications Are Given to Appropriate Patients

An age verification platform helps prevent minors from accessing age-restricted medication. It protects healthcare facilities from any penalties, fees, or repercussions that may be incurred as a result of selling a controlled product to a child.

Ensures That the Correct Information Is Entered Into the Record System

An age verification platform contains a patient’s records. This can help protect a customer’s health by completing accurate validated prescriptions that correspond to the patient’s information.

Provides Easy Healthcare Access for Patients

Healthcare access is described as the ease with which a person can acquire necessary medical treatment. Patients may easily get access to healthcare facilities by the use of an age verification platform. It provides fast verification so they can receive treatments.


The healthcare industry benefits a lot from age verification platforms. It ensures that underage patients are screened from access to drugs they should not be accessing. It also ensures that legal adults can buy age-restricted drugs very easily. It can also help prevent credit card and prescription fraud in the healthcare industry as discussed in this article.

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