How Been Verified Platform Works?

Verified Platform

Been verified is the online directory which gives you details about the individuals. This individual information includes name, contact number, mail id, and communication address. From his online sources, anyone can get details about a particular person. But they must know particular information about the person they are searching for. Only by name, you cannot get the result. Because many people are living with the same name in the same city. You can search them by using their first, middle, and last name. If you get lots of names, add the area of living to get an accurate result. Some people will delete their database by using been verified removal process to maintain privacy. 

How to search for details?

You have to open the official website of been verified to initiate the searching process. Then you need to register in been verified, your details will check and approved by the website team members. You will get a confirmation link for the verification process. Once you verified, you will lead to the home page of been verified website. Another thing you have to get full access to use the account. For that, you need to pay some amount on monthly basis. This is necessary for all the users. 

How been verified gather information?

This been verified site has many partnership members to collect data from the public. Also, this website has a link with some public management concerns to get the details of the public. They will collect information in a legit way. If some concerns do any fraudulent activity in collecting information they will get sued by the public or action taken by the law. The partnership people will update the details of the person every week. To verify and approve this information there is an approval team working for been verified. It is not a simple way to handle a person’s information with privacy. 

Is been verified secured?

The collected information is securely stored in the database. No one can hack the details from this website. People who want to search for a name need to submit their identity documents. This method is followed to secure the details and not get in the wrong hands. If there is any security alert found by been verified team, it will clear within a few minutes and it also informed to the officials. If any people don’t want to list on the website they can use been verified removal option. This helps to clear their database from the list.

How to remove a name?

To remove your details from been verified website, you have to follow some instructions. There is no need to sign up for been verified account to do this process. Initially open the official website and use the tab contact us option and click it. You will get the official mail id of been verified user team. Send some official mail to remove the name and communication details. With this email, you need to add all your details that need to remove from the website. They will do their job and send you a confirmation email about the removal process. But the real fact is your details may reflect again in their database. They will not give any guarantee in this matter. 

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