How Can Your Fix Your Mental Health With Self Care

Mental Health

We have always heard people talk loads about their self care routine, and then there are others who do not believe in it. They either think it is too much work, and this sudden overwhelming feeling grasps them.

Not that they do not wash their face every night, or eat dinner, they just do not believe in extensive self care.

Selfcare is something which can not only help you to get rid of the stress from daily work. Psychologists have proved that a routined self care can also help you take good care of your mental health.


Well, you have reached the right place to find out. In this excerpt below, we will be talking about all the things which you might need to know about self care routines and why it is important to maintain one for good mental health.

But, before that, we must find out what a good skincare routine is.

A Self Care Routine!

Yes, the term self care does put a damper in our mood. However, this is not something which you have to maintain to the ‘t’. It is something which can simply relax you.

– You enter your house, and disconnect the internet. Because you wish to keep both the virtual, and outside world away from your time of tranquility. That doesn’t mean you have to keep entertainment away. We all wish to catch up on an episode of our comfort series, or listen to some oldies while taking care of our skin (these are important for self-care).

Now you must be wondering. How can you do so without an internet connection?

Well, we have to find a solution. Like if you wish to catch up with your favorite Harry Potter movie with your face sheet on, or read an ebook, or listen to an audiobook. Download every content you wish to enjoy for free from, thepirateproxybay.

Where To Start

If you are someone who has rarely given self care a thought, can get very overwhelmed with the youtube videos of these influencers. So, let us start slowly.

You are back from work, and planning to take some time out for yourself. What do you do? 

How about taking a long shower, and having a skin care routine. Psychologists believe that making sure you have healthy skin can induce a good food habit, and sleep. All of this contributes to good mental health.

A Good Skin Care Routine

Here are some of the main components of a good skincare routine. First, you can switch off your phone and just play some soft music.

First, you will need all these products in chronological order.

– Cleanser

– Face Scrub

– Face Massage Cream

– Face Pack

– Face Toner

– Face Serum

– Face Cream

– An Eye Serum

This is what consists of an extensive skincare routine. However, the scrub, massage cream, and mask are not something you should apply every day. Rather that is just for once a weekend.

On the other hand, if you want a skincare routine to actually work in treating some of the skin conditions or helping you out, you will need to choose the right skincare products.

For that, you need to study your skin type rather than buying products that look fancy and claim to have all the ingredients helping to tighten or brighten your skin. So, it is preferable that you see a dermatologist understand your skin type.

Plus, taking care of your skin is not just external.

How Can Skin Care Help In Mental Health

Here are some of the ways in which a good skincare routine can also help you take care of your mental health issues. 

1. It Has A Calming Effect

When you return after a tiring day, a good skincare routine can be a very relaxing activity. Something which can easily help you destress from all the exhaustion of the day.

With every cleaning routine on your face, the tranquility will seep in, and you will feel at peace afterward. Many believe that by stripping the dirt and accumulated pollution off your face, you will be able to leave most of the tiredness lurking from the day behind you.

2. A Stable Routine

It is important to have a stable routine to feel the zeal for productivity. Plus, routine helps to combat serious mental health issues like anxiety and ADHD. You are free from anxious thoughts and hyperactivity as you have given yourself a task for every hour of the day.

Yes, it might sound a little restricting, but it is not when you get a hold of it. 

3. It Is A Form Of Self Care

When you are taking care of your skin, you are doing nothing but attending to yourself. You are finally not attending to someone else’s calls or demands; it is a time just for you.

This pampering session will help you release all the happy chemicals, especially serotonin which will help you be at ease and have a good night’s sleep. 

4. It Heals You From Inside Out

When you are taking care of your skin, it is not just your external skincare routine. You are ensuring to eat healthily, exercise more, and drink plenty of water.

The byproduct is good health. Sometimes even physical ailments can cause mental disturbances. So, with a skincare routine, you are taking care of yourself inside out.

5. It Can Increase Confidence

When you are having issues with your skin, it can take a toll on your confidence. However, with the right medical help and the right skincare routine, one can combat these issues. This is why we need good skin care-

To feel good in our own skin.

Get A Skin Care Routine Today!

When you do not get good skin care, you will have something to look forward to when you return home.

A good thirty minutes where you detox from technology and just attend to yourself!

Isn’t that exciting!

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