How Do Digital Age Verification Aids Online Businesses?

Digital Age Verification

There is a fine line of difference between a regular customer and a loyal customer. A loyal customer stays with a product/service provider due to the customer value being delivered to him/her.  With smartphones common in children these days, exposure to everything comes with its pros and cons. The product advertisement campaigns popping up on social platforms in front of kids at a vulnerable age might get them off the track.

A functional age verification solution confirms the originality and eligibility of the prospects for age-restricted services and material such as alcohol, particular medication, dating sites, gambling platforms, and others in moments by verifying a set of their identity documents and facial data in a go, to ensure that the concerned person is not underage and enables firms to retain their potential loyal customers as any controversy in such sensitive cases sabotage a firm’s reputation.

Online Age Verification

To verify age in no time, the system authenticates identity information and derives results for the organization or platform, by performing a number of simpler steps.

  1. To get age verified, the prospect has to upload images of a couple of identity documents with his face on them, for validation of his/her credentials. The document can be a photo-based national ID card, driving license, passport, or any other similar record
  1. In the age verification solution, the optical scanner verifies every single character of information on the document. The individual uploads a live selfie for facial biometric authentication as well. For conducting age verification online, AI-powered solutions match the information and image against data stockpiled in classified national or regional directories
  1. Both processes of data validation and age verification are performed in a single go and final results are generated in seconds with great accuracy

Age verification Through Biometric Data

3D Depth Analysis

To perform age checks, a 3D depth analysis is carried out to ensure that there are no such uses of screenshots, older images, fake videos, deep fake technology, and that the uploaded one is genuine. The AI-powered solution prevents spoof and mask attacks in real-time.

AI-Driven Mapping Tools and Techniques

The facial biometric technology of online age verification solutions recognize characteristics like age, race, and gender, to ensure that information and image on ID documents corresponds with the facial features of the prospect. This additional layer of protection in automated solutions makes age verification frictionless and instant.

Microexpression Analysis

The age verification system confirms the liveliness of the user by capturing minor expressions such as blinking or smiling, for liveness detection.

Protecting Minors: Social Responsibility of Age-Restricted Businesses

Standard age verification for eligible customer onboarding is more of an ethical dilemma. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 clearly states that the eligible age for particular online games, materials, and consumption of substances such as alcohol and cigarettes is 13 and 18 respectively in most of the states. The AI-based age verification solution enables age-restricted businesses and content platforms to verify the eligibility of customers through their ID credentials in no time.

If a firm uses a free age verification application for minimizing the cost, the output would be good for nothing as the free apps generate results with multiple errors and have several restrictions, and are not capable of extracting and managing large data sets.

After preliminary verification, the age verification solutions can be used to ensure,  that the authorized person is signing in into the platform through facial recognition

KYCC (Know Your Customer’s Customer)

It’s better for an entity to find out about the customer profiles and professional alliances of their clients. As the clients, suppliers, partners, all of them contribute to the equity of a business. If anyone is involved in any illegitimate activity. In this context, providing age-restricted goods/services without standard age verification solutions and protocols, the regulatory actions taken would affect the business associated with such as well. 

For managing such external risk factors, organizations can use age verification solutions to confirm the eligibility of their customers’ customers and make sure they are complying with regulatory bodies, for not facing any chargebacks. 


The businesses and platforms facilitating customers with age-specified services and materials need to follow the codes of practice of minor protection acts. Robust actions have been taken when there was evidentiary proof that children are accessing restricted products and content, to avoid all that, an age verification system scans ID documents, performs a 3d depth analysis, and uses AI mapping tools to verify the eligibility of the person in no time to protect both minors and the providing organization by harmful exposure and enormous non-compliance penalties respectively.

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