How Do I Change My Helium to Ethereum?

Helium to Ethereum

When you are thinking about changing your cryptocurrency, you choose an exchange first. The main requirement to a place that will deal with your money is safety. So, make sure the platform where you are going to make a swap is safe. 

Further, ensure that the coins are supported there. For example, to swap HNT to ETH, both coins shall be supported by the selected service. If they aren’t available, you cannot benefit from the service even if otherwise, it might be among the best ones.

Further, make sure you understand how the platform works. While some platforms offer to register an account, deposit your funds there, and swap coins from there, others do not do it. Instead, they offer non-custodial services which means that all your coins are in your wallet, and you are the only one who manages them. In the latter case, you will be required to open a cryptocurrency wallet to receive the exchanged funds. 

The exchange process and benefits

If you prefer non-custodial service (many do so because it means that all your funds are with you, you do not have to entrust them to anybody, nobody can block your account, freeze coins there, or whatever), LetsExchange is among the best ones. And here is how the exchange process looks.

  • You move to the service exchange widget.
  • There, you provide all the needed information such as: the coin to buy, the sum, the coin to buy.
  • After that, you will be asked to provide a receiving wallet address. To this address, your funds will be sent.
  • Do not forget to indicate whether you prefer to select a fixed or a floating rate. In case you choose a fixed rate, you will get as many coins as are displayed at the start of the exchange process. If a floating rate is selected (it is there on default), the exchange rate might fluctuate while the transaction is taking place.
  • Finally, make a deposit to the wallet provided by the platform, check all the data once more, and complete the swap. In the end, you may download a receipt with all the details of the transaction. 

Benefits? Along with the easiest exchange process, you get some more of them. So, the best rates are there, it doesn’t matter whether you want to exchange popular coins such as XRP to BTC, or the rarest ones. A special algorithm takes care of selecting the best ones among multiple platforms and with it, every trader gets the best deal available in the market currently. 

No registration is required at all. However, if you want to benefit from an affiliate program, you can do it by opening an account. It will deliver many more benefits, among which is even the generation of an additional income source.

Another benefit is the absence of limitations. You can change as many coins as you want, as many times as it is needed.

Its customer support is available round the clock to help in any situation that might arise. So, if you have any questions, doubts, or problems, just contact them. 

Along with these advantages, you can count on more than 370 coins supported, and new cryptocurrencies are added constantly. Therefore, you can be sure that even the rarest crypto assets can be swapped on the platform effortlessly. Just make sure you are providing the right network because some tokens are supported in several networks.

Whether you are an experienced trader or a newbie, do not forget that cryptocurrency is distinguished by extremely high volatility levels. Therefore, dealing with this asset is very risky but it can be rewarding if you do everything correctly.

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