How do I Stay Organised While Doing an Online Course?

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Earning your degree online allows you to create your schedule. It is liberating for many students, especially those juggling a career or are new to college, but it can also be overwhelming if you are unprepared. Online classes help require the same amount of time and effort as on-campus classes, and it is critical to stay organised and on top of your assignments and exam planning and preparation.

Moreover, unlike in regular classes, managing your learning atmosphere and scheduling your time is entirely up to you, which can be overpowering for students who do not take it seriously. Here are some ideas to help students become more organised:

Begin with a Proper Study of Space

Find a dedicated location to call your home base, preferably with a desk or other surface to spread the materials. Working in the exact spot every time will help you establish a routine, keep your mind clear and organised, and set boundaries to help you maintain a work-life balance. Make sure you are quiet, well-lit, and free of distractions wherever you study.

Keep your most frequently used supplies, such as headphones, pens, highlighters, and notebooks, easily accessible, so you don’t waste time looking for them. It also applies to your digital study site, which should have a well-organised folder structure for class documents and assignments.

Make a Strategy and Commit to It

Setting goals can provide you with a sense of direction. As a student, you’ll have to balance multiple responsibilities between life and learning, so planning your week ahead of time is essential for success. It can be helpful to set daily and weekly goals to help you break down tasks into manageable workflows. For example, to stay organised and on track, she’d pull up her course syllabi on Sundays and make a plan for the upcoming week.

A planner allows you to visualise your week and can assist you in staying on track. List-making tools such as highlighting, checkboxes, and hourly time blocks can help you prioritise your responsibilities and stay on track.

Produce a Consistent Schedule

You might wonder who to help with online classes? Suppose you’re juggling college with a career, family, or other responsibilities. In that case, it’s helpful to set aside specific days and times to focus on schoolwork, whether watching lectures, doing homework, or studying for exams. Establishing a proper routine will boost your chances of staying on top of your studies. In addition, you can optimise your time and get the most work done by determining when you are most productive.

Make use of Digital Tools to your Advantage

You have access to various online resources that will help you stay organised and productive as a student. Online calendars, time trackers, daily reminders, note-taking apps, and digital post-it notes all contribute to a more enjoyable student experience by retaining you motivated and on track. You can also take Advantage of the resources available as an online student.

Digital tools are adaptable, making it easier to stay organised, manage your course responsibilities, and increase your efficiency and productivity. As an online student, you will also access virtual instruments such as time management coaching, career counselling, supplemental instruction, tutoring, and technical resources. These virtual tools were created to provide the resources and tools you need to support your learning journey and specific goals.

Prioritise a Sustainable Pace

Determining where to begin can be difficult when you have multiple responsibilities and upcoming deadlines. Prioritisation is critical in these situations for academic excellence and mental clarity. If seeing a long list of the upcoming assignments makes you nervous, prioritise your tasks and focus on how much progress you can make that day. By breaking down projects into smaller tasks, you can better divide your time and be more productive.

Form a Support System

Enlist the assistance of family and loved ones to keep you on track with your online education. Whether it’s ensuring that they understand your commitments and time constraints or encouraging those you live with to assist with household chores, their assistance and cooperation can make it much easier for you to focus on your coursework.

Taking one or more online classes may appear isolating initially, but it does not have to be. If you’re having trouble staying organised, reach out to your classmates online – or meet in person – to hold each other accountable.

Study groups are beneficial for staying on track, and if you need assistance from the professor or want to collaborate in person, don’t be afraid to ask. Being proactive and connecting before getting into trouble is essential to stay organised, especially in online learning. Getting organised and putting some systems in place can help you succeed in online classes. Try these strategies, and let us know which ones work best for you!

Make use of Your Network

Solicit help from those around you to make your student’s life easier. Request that family members assist you with errands so that you can devote more time to studying. Inquire about temporarily changing your work schedule to accommodate meetings with your groupmates. You can also collaborate with friends for moral support during stressful times. Form a study group with your classmates and assign each other a topic for which to write a reviewer. The possibilities are limitless.


When the pandemic began, online learning skyrocketed. While it may be new to some, it will continue to be a “new normal” learning modality. According to Brian Naicker, Senior Director of Online Education at triOS College, online and flexible learning modes will play an essential role in the future of learning. “Most of the last two years have seen online learning accelerate due to a lack of resources.” However, this will become entrenched, necessitating careful planning and organisation on the learner’s part,” he explained.

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