How Do You Know When Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance?


The summers are coming and the last thing you would want is that your air conditioner stops working while the temperature outside becomes unbearable. There are a lot of things that can be done to maintain the state of an air conditioning unit as good as new.

Here, experts from Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration have summarized a few guidelines that can help AC owners to look out for any minor issues that can lead to complete failure of the unit.

In this article, we will be looking at the different signs that indicate the requirement for AC unit maintenance.

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Signs To Understand If Your Ac Unit Needs Maintenance:

Indoor air quality is a concern for many occupants in commercial buildings. High concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) can result from the use of paints, cleaners, adhesives, carpeting, and other materials. The best way to monitor the indoor environment and detect changes in the indoor air quality is through a comprehensive AC maintenance program.

Minor faults group up to form a bigger problem, having that expert’s eye to spot even the smallest of issues requires experience. But the following guidelines will make it easier for you to identify the faults and take precautionary actions,

  1. Restricted airflow – An air conditioning unit is supposed to circulate air throughout the room and if it is not happening then there is a problem. It is likely that the filters or the ducts are blocked with dirt and debris and require cleaning. Professional servicing can take care of this issue and restore the unit to work as well as a new unit.
  1. Moisture – Whenever you feel that the moisture content of the circulated air is more than usual the reason is mostly due to some sort of leaks or cracks in the refrigerant unit. It might require replacing some parts of the piping and Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration provides the best leak repairings so that your AC can start working at its full potential.
  1. Strange sounds – Some noises like that of the compressor working and the outdoor unit fan rotating are normal. Under certain circumstances, a new kind of sound may appear like a hissing or a rattling sound which calls for maintenance. There might be some loose parts or something else that is blocking the free working of the machine.
  1. Bad smell – Sometimes you might receive an odd smell coming from your AC unit. If it’s a burnt smell then chances are that some parts are either melting due to short-circuiting or some other reasons. Also if a foul smell comes then it might indicate some sort of animal or rodent has entered into the AC ducts and has died in there. Either way, a thorough inspection is required.  
  1. Abnormally high energy bills – This is a sign of lowered efficiency of the cooling unit and can be caused due to a number of faults. Maintenance is required to identify the fault and make the necessary changes.

The quality of any air conditioning unit deteriorates over time and does not happen overnight. For this reason, it is essential to look out for early symptoms and avail of the maintenance services provided by Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.


Air conditioning units are the lifeline for every household during the scorching summer months. Look out for the above-mentioned signs and keep your AC running in the proper condition to prevent any sort of disruption in cooling.

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