How to Become Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer?

Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer

DevOps is one of the most cutting-edge careers in computing history. The IT industry as we know it now has undergone a radical shift due to this trendsetting concept. DevOps experts’ interest in the Microsoft Azure platform suggests that DevOps is becoming more and more common in current systems. DevOps is a hybrid of IT operations and traditional software development that aims to improve value.

When it comes to new technologies and tools that can facilitate cooperation between operational and development processes, DevOps is not an aggregate phrase. DevOps is a social change or a shift in the viewpoint that allows for a new approach to software development.

Enroll in the AZ-400 exam training course and practice tests to prepare for the exam, and you’ll soon become a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer in no time. An Azure DevOps expert training program is the best way to get your hands on Azure DevOps work.

Who are Azure DevOps professionals?

It is the job of Azure DevOps specialists to consistently produce valuable products and services that fulfill the needs of end-users and business objectives. Professionals in this field optimize processes, enhance communication and collaboration, and implement automation to expedite product delivery. Their job is to devise and implement application code and infrastructure methods that facilitate the continuous integration, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback of these activities.

You’ll be able to show that you’re capable of:

  • Develop a strategy for instrumentation
  • Determine how best to implement a strategy for site reliability engineering
  • Create a strategy for safety and legal compliance
  • Control the coding of your project
  • Make it easier for people to communicate and collaborate
  • Design and deploy a system of continuous testing
  • Define a continuous delivery and release management approach

Who should take this certification?

DevOps Engineer Expert certification is for professionals who mix people, processes, and technologies to constantly create value through products and services that match customer needs and company objectives. Professionals already familiar with the DevOps way of life are included in this category.

This certification is candidates having experience with Agile techniques in Azure, such as design and implementation of solutions for version control, compliance, infrastructure as code, configuration management, build, release, and testing utilizing Azure technologies. Streamlining deliveries by improving methods, automating, and enhancing communication should be the focus of your day-to-day job. Both Azure administration and Azure development are essential, and you should be adept in both.

Azure DevOps Engineer: The pathway to success

To become an Azure DevOps engineer, you must first decide the path you want to take! One certificate does not suffice to qualify you as a DevOps engineer professional. An applicant’s understanding of Azure should be crystal clear. Azure’s DevOps engineer expert certification requires that you meet two conditions before you can sit for the exam.

An associate-level certification in Azure engineering or Azure administration is required for an application. If you’re just getting started with Azure, you should take the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam, which is the AZ-900. Next, you can pursue an associate certification in Azure as either a developer or administrator, depending on your interests.

The Microsoft Azure administrator associate certification exam and the Microsoft Azure developer associate exam are AZ-103 and AZ-203. You must pass any of the exams mentioned above to be eligible for Azure DevOps certification.

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Certification Roadmap

This certification is one of the new role-based Azure certifications, which falls within the expert-level certification category. Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert is the official certification for those who pass this exam. Candidates seeking Azure DevOps certification should be familiar with DevOps practices and methodology.

Candidates must pass Azure’s AZ-400 test to obtain this certification. Microsoft Azure DevOps Certification exam: Let’s take a closer look.

  • Exam AZ-400: Microsoft DevOps Solutions

Exam AZ-400: Microsoft DevOps Solutions is connected with the Azure DevOps Certification. Candidates are tested to build and implement various DevOps tactics in this exam. An understanding of DevOps and Agile processes are required, and some hands-on experience with DevOps technology and tools. This exam is a bit more extensive and demanding to test one’s knowledge of DevOps.

Exam requirements for the AZ-400 certification

  • Candidates should have a working knowledge of both Azure development and management.
  • They must have one of the two associate-level Azure certifications.
  • They need to be adept at applying Agile methods themselves.
  • It may be challenging to pass this exam. Still, job and career progression opportunities are excellent for those who get this certification.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer course benefits

To prepare for the certification exam, it is usually best to choose a well-known platform for training. This learning method is available to help you and your team ready for the AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer test.

There are several specialized tasks that this course assesses your ability to perform, including the following: develop an instrumentation strategy; create a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) technique, create a source control plan, manage communication, work with cooperation, characterize a constant reconciliation process, characterize and deliver the executives’ methodology, and so on.

With this course, you’ll get hands-on experience with Azure and DevOps through working on real-world projects, case studies, and more. As a result, the course will significantly improve your chances of passing the actual Azure DevOps certification exam. Additionally, the 24/7 technical support team is here to help you with any of your questions. So, enroll today and begin your journey to become an Azure-certified DevOps Engineer.

Final words

A certification that demonstrates your knowledge of DevOps, Agile processes, and cloud computing is a proven path to secure a job and earn competitive pay. A certificate in DevOps may be precisely what you need to advance in your career.

Suppose you are an experienced DevOps professional with either an Azure Administrator Associate or an Azure Developer Associate certification. In that case, you can pursue the Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert certification. Learn how to become a Microsoft [AZ-400] Certified Azure DevOps Engineer in 2020 by signing up for the course today.

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