How To Choose The Right Microwave – A Guide


You might think that the microwave is all about grilling, heating, baking and toasting but if you are thinking so, you are definitely undermining the abilities of this equipment in your life. This electrical appliance can assist you in making boiled eggs, rehydrating stale bread, toasting nuts and spices, and much more.

When you are out purchasing a microwave, there are a lot of questions in your mind regarding the range, model and brand of the equipment. Sometimes, people even confuse a microwave with an induction cooker. In general, Microwaves, which come in a variety of styles and colors, combine speed, versatility, and technology to create a smart kitchen appliance.

In this article, we will help you in choosing the right kind of microwave for your kitchen and also the one that will correctly fit into your lifestyle and daily regime.

What are the different types of microwaves?

When purchasing a microwave, it is essential to know every minute detail about the appliance and the most important part is to know what different kinds of microwaves are available in the market. Let’s have a look!

  • Microwave Oven Grill

This type of microwave comes with a variety of grilling accessories that can be used to grill items. However, they are best for grilling meat and soft vegetables often for barbeque sessions.

  • Microwave Oven Solo

These Solo kinds of microwave ovens are the basic, entry-level microwave ovens designed for basic cooking. These are excellent for reheating and basic cooking of food items that don’t involve grilling of stuff.

  • Microwave Oven with Convection

This kind of microwave is best used for grilling and baking. Convection microwave ovens use a fan and a heating element to create airflow patterns inside the oven.

What are the Features of Microwaves?

  • Automatic cook

This is one of the favorite features of every one. In order to make cooking simple and easier, this feature is much in demand. Generally, the low-end microwaves don’t have access to this feature. In this kind of microwave, you don’t have to set the timer, rather you just have to mention the dish you are putting out in the microwave.

  • Consumption of power

Almost all microwave ovens have a power setting; the higher the voltage, the faster and more efficient the oven will be. Consider purchasing a more powerful microwave if you prepare large food items or in large quantities. If you only cook for one or two people then you can go on buying a low-end microwave and that will suffice your requirement.

  • Preheating

  The oven must be preheated before you begin cooking and trying to follow the recipes. So when you turn on the microwave oven and wait for a few minutes until it is hot or has reached the required temperature that process is called preheating. It helps you to cook food easier with the appliance.

  • Time setter

The appliance allows you to set the duration of cooking on your own. You can programme the microwave to run for 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Depending on the type of panel, you can set the cooking time with a knob or the touch control option.

  • Defrosting

It is one of the powerful features of the microwave. It is a microwave function dedicated to heating frozen food or items.


In this article, we have listed down the types and features of microwaves that will help you in making a wise choice when it comes to buying microwaves or even choosing to rent microwaves in Bangalore or any other city.

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