How to Clear the UPMRC Exam Easily?


This is not just a question but the statement of UPMRC candidate who is either preparing for UPMRC Station Controller exam or any other designation exam. Many of you think that clearing this metro exam is just a bit of a study and getting everything in the silver plate. But the truth is completely different, and there is only one way to succeed: to follow an appropriate blueprint.

If you are confused about which blueprint we are talking about, you need to read this post carefully to get your answer. Just read and find out ways to clear the UPMRC exam easily.

4 Ways To Clear The UPMRC Exam Easily

Develop the logical ability

No matter how bright a student you are, the UPMRC exam has one logical ability section. Remember this section consists of 100 questions. These questions include Blood relations, Puzzle test, Data sufficiency, analogy and many other concept queries. Hence, tackling them is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be super smart and intelligent enough to solve them.

Now, if you have the question about where to learn from? The simplest answer is to refer to authentic study material containing flawless questions and their solutions. Also, such learning resources should build your conceptual understanding. That is why many academic experts suggest practicing logical reasoning questions as much as possible. Even many online learning materials are also available for the practice.

Do not ignore maths

You might argue that there is no requirement of maths in this exam. Well, it is required! If you closely observe the UPMRC Station Controller Syllabus, there is one paper on Quantitative Aptitude. This section contains questions on Profit and Loss, HCF and LCM, Simplification and many other mathematical concepts. Hence, you need to have such basic mathematical concepts on your tips.

Remember, you need to have the quick solving speed because you will not get enough time to think and re-solve the same questions in the real examination. In case you are stuck in any question, just switch over to the next one and continue your paper. Get well-versed with concepts in no time and memorize shortcuts and tricks to get the right answer.

Not only for this exam only, but for other exams also you need to have good command over mathematics. That is why maths is being considered a vital subject in an academic domain.

Keep an eye on general awareness

Read newspapers, journals, magazines and TV news to understand what is happening around you worldwide. Most of the students have the habit of taking this module lightly. Later, they only suffer the most and land up getting low scores in the examination. Learn as many facts and figures as you can. And GK knowledge is a good habit that shows your intellectualism.

One method is that you can memorize or rote learn all facts. Or else, you can discuss and do group study with your learning peers to memorize all GK facts and figures. However, both of these methods are not liked. Then, just make sticky notes and paste it on your study table.  While solving other modules also you can go through them.

Build technical skills

As the station controller is a technical job, you need to develop technical skills for the same. So, try to build that attribute within you to handle this job perfectly in your future career. Watch or read interviews of professionals who are working in UPMRC. Know how much effort they put in and what activities they need to perform in their professional career.

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