How to define work-productivity in 2022? Perspective


Your work-from-home-office (WFH) is the barometer of productivity in 2022.

Work-productivity is a subjective term, and its connotation has varied throughout centuries and decades. There’s no point in discussing the old connotations since change is the only constant. We have to take a veritable peep into the future and tailor our productivity according to the needs of the hour. Now we are almost into 2022, and work-productivity for us stems from the work-from-home-office (WFH) arena. It’s an exciting and challenging battlefield where you are the sole gladiator with your mini-home-office as a minute bullring. You are faced with the same tasks that you have been undertaking in your regular office, but now your approach will be different. This is what makes 2022 unique and interesting. And you must use a standing desk in your office.

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WFH is the new paradigm

WFH is no longer a makeshift arrangement as it was in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, WFH will be ‘the’ major mode of working for corporations and their employees. While WFH is going to bring a sweeping change in the way we work, it also brings a lot of challenges and trials. Firstly, we have to ensure that we stay upbeat. Secondly, we have to maintain health and fitness. Thirdly, we have to embrace regular exercise and standing desks as our soulmates. And furthermore, we have to spend wisely. This will be the WFH blueprint in 2022.

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5 ways to prepare for WFH in 2022

Use ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture will soon become as essential in your home-office (WFH) as your daily dose of oxygen. Ergonomic furniture such as standing desks, office desk chairs, ergo stools, desk converters, and work pods have resurrected many a battered soul in the past two years. In 2022, ergonomic furniture will rule the roost with a renewed impetus. If you want to be an efficient and high-performing working professional, then you’ll have to invest in ergonomic furniture for your own betterment. For WFH specialists, standing desks and ergo stools appear to be the top helping hands. Not undermining the other ergonomic furniture variants, but standing desks seem to be the most preferred in 2022.

Use ergonomic accessories

Ergonomic accessories are also going to find takers in the form of WFH specialists in 2022. The reasons are very simple. As WFH setups focus on holistic ergonomics, ergonomic furniture would need substantiation in the form of ergonomic accessories such as keyboards, mice, mouse pads, monitor arms, acoustic panels, pedestals, ergonomic footrests, chair mats, and laptop and mobile stands. Like ergonomic furniture, ergonomic accessories also focus on health, fitness, productivity, good mood, and returns-on-investment (ROI). Ergonomic furniture is quite economical and very easy to use in WFH arrangements.

Exercise regularly

Here lies the biggest challenge. WFH can easily fool you into a false sense of comfort. In reality, it’s lethargy and demotivation. The biggest enemy is the deep couch which keeps making advances towards you (Pun Intended). But you have to keep your demons under check. For that, it’s imperative that you exercise regularly and burn the lard. WFH and exercise are not difficult to synchronise at all. There are hundreds of mobile apps that can regulate your exercise regime. You just need to follow their instructions.

Spend quality time with your folks

Even if you are working-from-a-home-office (WFH), you’ll still have to divide your time wisely. And there should be ample incorporation of quality time with your folks. WFH doesn’t mean that you sever all your social links and become a sulking brute. No. That’s not the way to go about it. Like a caring and compassionate human being, you’ll have to adjust to the changing work paradigms in the most humane manner. Your new year resolve must include a new fondness for family and friends. That would be the ideal way to welcome 2022!

Creative WFH setups

Home-offices (WFH) have a tremendous scope for creativity and innovative design. You may WFH in the hallway, underneath the staircase, on the porch, in the kitchen corner, on the dining table, or on the dressing table. No one’s going to stop you from expressing your creative streak. Surf the internet for more design ideas.


In 2022, work-productivity will be judged by how good you are at WFH. 

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