How to handmade 3D extension lashes

3D extension lashes

The 3D lashes always bring stunning depth to the perfect look. Although there are many different applications of 3D eyelash extensions, and each has its own unique features, they always have the same characteristics. So what are these features? And how to apply them on? Soon you will get these answers in this article.

What are 3D extension lashes?

Different 3D eyelash styles all have things in common regarding materials and textures. 3D lash extensions are an eyelash style made from eyelashes attached in a small cluster. Each includes three thin and light eyelashes so as not to put pressure on the natural eyelashes. With the reasonable curl, length, and thickness of the lashes, this eyelash style will create the feeling of a thick, regular, beautiful, and natural eyelash for the client. In fact, no matter how many lashes are attached to the eyelashes, they all need to create this effect. Each cluster of 3 eyelashes has a diameter of less than 0.07 mm. Besides, a great and adjustable curl is also a feature of this eyelash style.

Steps to make 3D extension lashes:

To create a beautiful and long-lasting 3D eyelash extension set as desired, you need to master the steps in the eyelash extension process and the necessary skills.

Step 1: Check the condition of the eyelashes and choose the type of eyelash

Before starting to perform the treatment, you need to check the condition of the natural eyelashes. With strong and thick eyelashes, it will be easier to perform. Besides, choosing the type of eyelashes is also quicker. When applying 3d extension lashes, sparse eyelashes cause a little trouble due to the density. In contrast, thin and weak eyelashes require the technician to consider them more carefully. In addition, it is still necessary to consider the purpose and frequency of using eyelash extensions for the client to have the most suitable choice.

Step 2: Other preparation steps before eyelash extensions

You need to prepare carefully in many aspects, such as cleaning the eyelash extension area, washing the tools, and cleaning the eyelashes with a specialized oil-free solution. Don’t forget to limit products that stimulate sebum secretion.

You should also prepare 3D extension lashes with super light, smooth lashes like faux mink lashes or silk lashes. In addition, a great and adjustable curl should also be used. Specifications include a diameter of less than 0.07 mm and a length from 12 to 16 mm.

Step 3: Perform the eyelash extensions

During the eyelash extension, adjust everything to the selected style. There is only one note for you when attaching the eyelashes to the natural eyelashes, avoid excess glue and the base of the eyelashes is being exposed. Once done, adjust the lashes again to reshape them. And don’t forget to teach clients how to take care of their eyelashes after application, helping the lashes are always durable and perfect.

The exciting thing is that handmade 3D extension lashes can be applied to many different eyelash extensions such as Volume, Doll eyes, Wispy, Kim K, etc. So you can freely apply it to most different eye shapes.

However, according to many shares from professional lash artists, 3D is a relatively thick eyelash fan, so you should consider it carefully when applying it to small or droopy eyes. In addition, the material of the eyelashes will also play an important role in helping the eyelash extensions to be perfect, natural, and less harmful to the natural eyelashes.

Thus, it can be said that performing handmade 3D extension lashes is not difficult. You can completely apply the knowledge from this article and the practice to create impressive eyelash extensions and conquer the most demanding clients.

If you need more information or want to learn more content about eyelash extensions, do not hesitate to share with us by leaving a comment.

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