How to have a Bitcoin Prime demo account?

Bitcoin Prime

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular among investors and traders. This marketplace has brought up a great revolution in the traditional trading system. The world is rapidly moving towards digital currency and online banking systems. This fact is making an investment in cryptocurrency more profitable and useful. But how to trade cryptocurrency and win profit daily is not an easy task to do. There is huge complexity in the system of the crypto market as cryptocurrency is itself a complex thing.

Bitcoin Prime is an autonomous robot invented to meet this challenge and earn profits for you. This robot auto trade on your behalf following the parameters set by you and earns daily profits. The robot is made up of complex algorithms and AI technologies that study the patterns and predict what is going to happen. Whenever the robot sees an opportunity for profit, it does trade in your absence and provides you with the confirmed profit.

Free demo account

Bitcoin Prime always comes to a step ahead to earn the confidence of its users and believes in customer services. That is why the platform offers a demo account for its registered user so that they can trade in the real market by using imaginary currency and check whether the robot is reliable or not. Now there could be a question in your mind that how to get this facility of demo account. We are here to solve this issue because we have used this platform ourselves and have a great experience of earning and customer care.

How to have a Bitcoin Prime demo account?

To have a demo account for some days, you have to register yourself first. For this, you just need to go to the official webpage of the app and fill up a form. In this form, you will be asked to put some of your necessary information only. When your account is being activated, deposit money into your account. The minimum amount that can a user invest is $250 only. After investing your savings, you will be asked by the app whether you want to go live or you need to operate a demo account first.

Click on the demo account button to have your trial account for some days. This opportunity will help you to understand every aspect of the robot and will also teach you how to trade in real.

When you feel you have enough confidence in Bitcoin Prime’s robot that you can trust it to do trades on your behalf, go for the live auto trading option. Set some parameters and let the robot do work for you 24/7.

Does Bitcoin Prime offer a mobile app?

Bitcoin Prime does not a mobile app yet and you have to go to its website for any query or to check your account status. However, you can access Bitcoin Prime’s account on your mobile by opening its official website on your mobile’s internet browser. This will give you the same and accurate vibes as the website will give on the laptop.

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