How to Have Better Sex With Your Partner

How to Have Better Sex With Your Partner

Sex has always been a topic that people are happy to talk about, people tend to have a wrong idea about their level of sex, most people think that they are already very good at sex, but in reality to be in a position to get very good sex you need more than just a good body and sexuality, there are also many skills that you need to learn. Even if you have a lot of experience, there are still many things to learn in bed.

To a large extent, sex education usually focuses more on preventing unwanted pregnancies and preventing sexually transmitted diseases, but people are often not taught how to feel pleasure and orgasm during sex, so each person is only able to slowly figure out how to get pleasure during sex.

Many people who have had a lot of sexual experience can still be confused in bed, but there are ways to help you have a better experience during sex. In this guide, I’m going to take you through some of the ways that can add pleasure and passion to sex and make your partner love being intimate with you.

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1. Communication

Many people rarely talk about sex because they feel ashamed to talk about it, but actually talking about sex can be a great help to your sexual experience. You are able to verbalize what you think about sex or your sexual proclivities, and talking to each other about sex related topics can also help you understand each other better.

It is always said that it is easier said than done, but it is a different scenario in the realm of sex, where people are generally not good at talking about sex, which leads to a lack of understanding of each other when it comes to sex-related issues. As time accumulates, people and their partners will be more prone to fights and disagreements over sex.

2. Focus on Pleasure

The ultimate goal of sex is for both partners to feel pleasure and joy during the process, but if your focus is on your performance, then it will greatly affect the experience. While sexual performance is very important, it is not right if you are not able to enjoy sex because of anxiety.

As long as you lower your anxiety about performance, you will be able to better enjoy sex itself, and by being attentive to each other’s performance during sex, you will be able to discover the truly beautiful side of sex.

3. Tease Your Partner

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Sex should not be only about penis penetration into the vagina, this will bore your partner. Start teasing your partner from foreplay, don’t overlook the importance of this step, foreplay plays an important part in sex.

The best thing about teasing your partner is that it builds anticipation, as soon as you want a reward in your mind your body produces a lot of dopamine, this is when your body produces even more dopamine than getting a reward, so instead of giving your partner what she wants straight away, you can give each other pleasure by teasing and creating a seductive atmosphere.

Teasing can be done in many ways, you can try kissing your partner’s body or using a sex toy to massage your partner’s body or vulva, the love honey rose can help you to tease your partner even better, this wonderful sex toy is specially designed for women and adding it to your sex session will give you a wonderful experience.

4. Talk Dirty

Want to make your sex more passionate? More fun? Talking dirty is the easiest way to do that, and some studies have shown that talking dirty can even increase the probability of a woman having an orgasm during sex.

If you want to try dirty talk, then it is necessary to prepare a few dirty words before sex, find some suitable for your own phrases, do not look for some awkward or complicated statements, which may make you in the sex process can not fully feel the wonderful of dirty talk.

5. Try Role Play

If you feel that it is difficult to get more passionate during sex, maybe you should try role playing, this is a great sex game, you and the character can find a sense of immersion from the fictional character, everyone has sexual fantasies inside, and it is very appropriate to use imagination to enhance the feelings during sex.

You can do this through imagination alone, or you can wear a specific uniform or use some specific props to enhance your immersion in the role-play, as long as you are imaginative enough, you will be able to feel pleasure from it.

6. Focus on the Clit

It’s always assumed that vaginal penetration is the main way women get pleasure, but in reality women are able to get more pleasure from the clitoris, and the vast majority of women are not able to reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation or intercourse alone, they often need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. This means that we need to give more time to clitoral stimulation during foreplay and sex.

You can try offering each other clitoral oral sex during foreplay, or using your free hand to stroke the clitoris during sex, and you can even use some sex toys to help give your clitoris pleasure during sex.

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