How To Know If A Natural Pest Control Company Actually Uses Eco-Friendly Solutions

Natural Pest Control Company

More than ever, today’s consumers have become more conscious of health and environmental matters. As people shift to a greener future, several bug control companies have followed suit by offering beneficial eco-friendly services to consumers around the country.

Natural bug control companies use organic products acceptable in plant production to control pests. The organic products used are less toxic to non-target organisms and environmentally friendly. If used correctly, along with sanitation and mechanical control tactics, they can be an effective tool to plant protection.

However, knowing if a natural pest control company uses eco-friendly solutions is not simple. Here are ways to know that.

Ways To Know If A Natural Pest Control Company Uses Eco-Friendly Solutions

  1. Types Of Solutions By Natural Pest Control Companies Use

When trying to maintain an eco-friendly environment, it is vital to consider the types of solutions used by natural pest control companies. These companies use common natural ingredients, which include essential oils, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, esters, and fatty acids.

Essential oils are organic chemicals extracted from plants and used as a proxy for chemical or synthetic pesticides. Those extracted from aromatic plants are popular among environmentally conscious consumers and organic growers. Essential oils have insecticidal, growth inhibitors, repellents, antifeedants, and ovicide effects on certain insects.

Alkaloids are naturally occurring organic nitrogen compounds in certain plants like Ruta Chalepensis and Ricinus Communis. They effectively repel certain pests without damaging the plant with synthetic pesticides.

Flavonoids play a vital part in securing plants from herbivores and plant-feeding insects. They protect the plant from insects by influencing its development, growth, and behavior. These natural chemicals also behave differently on certain plants and pests.

Check if the natural pest control company uses any of the above ingredients to know if they are eco-friendly.

  1. Eco-Friendly Solutions Are Safer Than Pesticides

Research shows that pesticides used to manage pests have more than 50% chemicals harmful to humans leading to infections and allergies. The use of eco-friendly solutions greatly helps prevent chemical infections in humans and other plants.

When using chemical pesticides, you must apply them using a routine for effective results. Repeated application damages the soil and environment. Organic pesticides are effective for long-term results compared to chemical pesticides. 

The use of chemical pesticides can lose effectiveness after some time. When a certain chemical does not kill an insect, they become resistant. Organic treatments are biological; therefore, insects develop less resistance. 

When you observe these differences, it is simple to determine if the natural pest control company uses eco-friendly solutions or not.

  1. No Strong Smell

Chemical pesticides will linger in the air after application. They have a strong scent that leaves you in a smelly environment inhaling toxic chemicals. On the other hand, eco-friendly solutions do not have a harsh and irritating smell leaving a conducive environment for the user.


Organic pesticides are the best option for anyone who observes eco-friendly measures. You must incorporate experts from natural pest control companies to help you if you have never done this. Consider the above facts to know if the company uses organic solutions to control pests.

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