How to Launch Your First PPC Ad Campaign

PPC Ad Campaign

Traffic from PPC ads has been shown to generate 50% more conversions than organic traffic. Think about how that small marketing shift could impact your business. 

Not convinced?

Think about the last few times you’ve engaged with any online media. Most of the sponsored posts and advertisements there are PPC ads. Companies invest millions of dollars into PPC campaigns because they work. 

You might benefit from a PPC ad campaign, too. It seems a little scary to start working on at first, though. We’re here to help you understand the fundamentals. 

We’ll take a look at how to start your PPC campaign today, giving you a crash course on what you need to know as you make your way forward. Let’s get started. 

How to Start a PPC Ad Campaign

The first thing to think about is the platform that you’re going to advertise on. You can advertise on multiple platforms, but every niche has its social media platform or search engine. 

Individual social media platforms and search engines have key demographics that utilize their services. Further, different platforms are used to different ends. 

For example, people on Pinterest might be more likely to make a purchase than individuals on Facebook. So, people looking for brand recognition might use Facebook, whereas those pushing a particular product might use Pinterest. 

Do some market research to find out where your target audience is spending time online. Market research is easier when you have a teacher to work with. The Online Advertising Academy is a great place to learn more fundamentals. 

Finding The Right Keywords

PPC stands for “pay-per-click.” You pay every time your post gets engaged with rather than every time someone sees it. 

Ads are also keyword-optimized, meaning they’re displayed to those who search particular keywords. For example, your ad might go out to people who have previously searched “beach ball games.”

Some keywords are more popular than others, and popular keywords cost more per engagement. 

Your goal is to research popular keywords in your niche and identify those with just the right amount of popularity. Find ones with a lot of traffic but not a lot of competition, then isolate the ones that fit into your budget

Something to note is that you can create a specific budget for your PPC ad campaign, and the site will remove the ad once your budget is met. There’s no risk of getting overcharged. 

Run A/B Testing

Even if you have the best keywords and the right platform, there’s still a chance that your ad won’t drive results. There’s something ineffable about a good ad, and it’s your job to figure out what that is. 

Try running two different ads to the same general group of users. You can deduce insights from the comparison. One ad might do well while the other flounders. 

If both of them do well, you’ll just have to deal with all of that success. In any case, you can isolate certain variables and make judgments as you go through the process. 

After a while, you’ll have a well-oiled PPC machine. 

Need Help With PPC Ad Campaign Optimization?

If you’re still fuzzy on the nuts and bolts of how to set up a PPC ad campaign, don’t worry. There’s a lot more for you to learn, but it’s not all that complicated. 

We’re here to help. Explore our site for more insight into working your Google ads PPC campaign, digital marketing efforts, SEO, and more. 

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