How To Make Art Prints Like a Pro

Art Prints

Art sales reached a new record in 2021, with sales hitting $2.6 billion. That wasn’t for the entire year, but for a two-week period known as the fall art auctions.

As an artist, you’re probably wondering how you can capitalize on those sales. There are more avenues to sell art than ever before.

The starting place is by making art prints. The art prints will determine how much you can sell your work for and where to sell them.

Do you want to learn how to make art prints and enter the hot art market? Read this guide to discover tips for making art prints and selling them.

Purpose of the Art Prints

There are different methods to make art prints. You need to align the purpose of the art print with the printing method.

That will help you determine the quality of the print and price it accordingly.

You can make art prints at volume to sell online. There are art prints that you can sell as NFTs and then there are the traditional art prints.

The traditional art prints are the ones that are expensive because they have limited quantities available.

How to Make Art Prints

Let’s take a look at ways to make art prints that align with the purpose of the print.

Do you want to produce volumes of copies to sell online? You can sell your work in your own store or on Etsy.

There are print-on-demand services like Gelato that will take your art and make digital prints on canvas, foam board, or posters. You only pay when a customer orders a product and most products don’t require an order minimum.

If you have small quantities of art to print, check out Fine Art America, which caters to artists in the Fine Art market.

Another option is to print at home using a color laser or ink-jet printer.

Regardless of your printing method, everything begins with a high-quality image. It needs to be a large, high-resolution image. That allows the fine details to appear in the prints.

Pricing and Selling Art Prints

Pricing your art prints is an art (no pun intended) and a science. You have to know what your work is worth, and balance that with what people are likely to pay for it.

The quality of the art print, the number of copies available, and where you plan to sell the work will guide your pricing.

If you’re not sure what to price your work at, there are options like these alternatives to Artnet. Artnet is good for news about the art market. These options help you justify your pricing.

A Brief Art Print Guide

Making art prints isn’t that difficult. How to make art prints start with aligning the purpose of the art print with the printing method.

You do need to know how to price your works of art. Do your research and you’ll come up with the best price for your prints.

Now that you know all about making art prints, check out the other articles on the blog for more great content.

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